Whats Up with the leaf blade?

I am currently a few weeks into veg and I have one plant that has a few messed up leaf blades. It looks like something took a munch out of them. However, I have inspected the plant with a fine-tooth comb and could find no sign of pests. I would be most appreciative if someone might offer me a clue as to why this is happening. Thanks.

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Hard to tell really. You could’ve damaged a lead working in there, or potentially a pet? If you have bugs you usually need to check with magnification to catch them early.

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best to post pics taken in white light. hard to tell what you are concerned about.
only damage I see is the chunk out of the big leaf in second pic.

would help if you could circle your area of concern in the pics.

do you have a cat ?

Is this a critter?


I have to agree with elheffe702 on this one. Looks like a spider mite.

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looks like the dreaded red spider mite to me…

Looks like the dreaded red spider mite to me…refer to the above Guides for help.

From what I can see does look like a red spider mite.
That’s not what did the damage to the one leaf though.
I’ve had a rouge bug come in the night and take a chunk out of a leaf here and there and haven’t really worried about that as I take of more than that sucker can eat in a lifetime lol.
Now about the red spider mite…could be a plant sucker mite (vegetarian) or could be a meat eater predator mite. The predators eat the plant sucking mites. But if there isn’t food for them they may turn to the plant to survive.
I would look closer at all the plants leaves top and bottom and the soil and container for movement of mites.
There are many ways to treat for them.
Below is a link to a thread I started as I am current dealing with spider mites eating my plants.

Rather than post any details here take a look at the thread and read up for some options if you find more than that one…and you usually will if they are plant eaters.
You may have brought it in from being outside and then going into your grow area without removing your shoes or shaking off etc.
Some will strip down to their skivies and or shower etc before going into grow area as a precaution.

Good luck and let us know if you have any other questions…

And great catch @elheffe702


I thought the same.

But as dbrn32 mentioned. It could just be incidental damage.


buy a good LOUPE pronto!


Thank you for all of your input. I appreciate it, What a good eye elljeffe. I immediately launched a second inspection, this time without blinders on, and there they were those little shits. So Skydiver I did exactly what you suggested and spent Friday reading up on them. Friday night I started by spraying all four plants with a mix of 6.7 ph water and 3% hydrogen peroxide. Both sides of leaves front and back. Once dried I removed all four plants from the tent. I then thoroughly cleaned and disinfected the entire tent. Once dried and ventilated I put the four plants back in the tent. Yesterday, I administered a solution of isopropyl alcohol and 6.7 ph water as a foliar spray to all four plants in the same manner as the night before. I then repeated the same process cleaning the tent. I also fed the plants after the foliar treatment their usual nutrient mix with a 6.5ph and 650 PPM. The tent temp is 79-82 F with a RH of 55%.

Here we are today, and my plants look beat up. Is it too late.

I was thinking that maybe all of the hot humid weather in the area along with the fact that my tent is on the top floor of the building. The tent never seems to get much below 79 even with the room its in a comfortable 73. I am thinking I need a stronger exhaust fan on the bottom. My previous summer crop was not even close to as hot as this one so I am learning a tough lesson. Mites like heat.

My tents are around 80-84 everyday low 72-75 night

I think the hydrogen peroxide is using a 3% solution ie bottle from store if labeled 3% you would use that as is…not diluted.

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It’s not too late you just have to keep treating using different methods so their life cycle is broken…
Looks like your plants …nitrogen maybe?
@garrigan62 @Budbrother @dbrn32 @AAA @Mrcrabs at whoever else lol @elheffe702

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Need a few of these guys.

I would stay after them and see. The peroxide solution is good, but I would probably be waging all out war on them. Spinosad, de, the whole 9 yards.

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What percentage was the alcohol? What was the ratio of alcohol/water? I ask cause you can fry plants if using too high a concentration. Did you add any soap to it for wetting purposes? It looks as though pooling may have occured on the leaves. She will need a break to recover between sprays. The alcohol is stressful to her and adding a feeding on top of that may have been a lot at once. She’s absolutely fine so no worries.

Robs not wrong about war. my IPM is now DE Spinosad and Azamax