What's up with strain names?

Still very much in in the research phase of my first legal grow. While checking on strains I was somewhat surprised to find that a name from one vendor might be completely strain from another. On e vendor has Weedx as mostly indica and the another it’s mostly sativa. Does that lack of standardization bother you guys?

As a user I found names mostly useless. I just assumed the person I was buying from had no clue so they just pulled out of their butt. Now I see in part at least it is linked to the industry even among highly rated seed vendors.


Names have confused me also. I think we are going to see much different names as some of the older “hippy” names are not appealing to the older medicinal users. I was really surprised when I started grow a year ago at the number of names. I guess all you have to do is breed a seed then you get to name it. Of course there is a tremendous amount of competition out there to be able to sell your seeds. It’s sure been an interesting experience when I started growing after retirement. Fun!


I believe most seed companies try to make their own strains and mix strains different to acquire the same strain but with different phenotypes so the strains can vary from vendor to vendor depending on which phenotypes they hunted for the parents before breeding therefore giving you more indica or sativa leaning strains when before it wasn’t? Thats my thoughts but im also unsure


Don’t quote me on this, but if each company is actually breeding their own strains that is where the differences can be. Here I’ll make an example maybe it will help explain it.

Company “X” sells a strain called “C”. “C” is made by cross breeding strain “A” with strain “B”. The result could be 75% “A” and 25% “B” which makes up strain “C”

Company “Y” could do the same process with the same two strains, but their results of “C” could be 25% “A” and 75% “B” which makes up strain “C”

So strain “C” was made from the same strain parents (A&B), but produced differnt genetic percentages. Which can be done with using differnt Pheno types of each strain.

Like I stated before I am not saying my information is correct, but after looking at the same strain from differnt breeders over and over that’s the conclusion I came up with.

I thought of it like if your mom and dad had you and your sibling, you might get more of mom’s genes where your sibling might have gotten more of dad’s genes.


By rights, if you create it you can name it. But there are other circumstances to which you may find crosses. It’s possible that a sativa phenotype and indica phenotype of the same cross are self pollinated. As such you would have both, from the same strain.


I get that from that from a technical angle and if the names were unique or the final product were similar that would be fine but that isn’t often the case. Take Green Crack for example, there are very different description for this strain between vendor all claiming to be the strain that Snoop named.

That’s what bugs me You effectively have to say Green Crack by I love Growing Marijuana for someone to know that you’re really talking about. Green Crack by Brandx may be quite different.

To me it should be like fruit, a Granny Smith apple should be a Granny Smith regardless of orchard.


I believe that to be true. But I think the name should change to reflect that some way in some cases that does happen often it doesn’t though.

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Yeah unfortunately that’s how it is, but like you stated it’s always best to follow strain name with breeder name.

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Just not that easy with cannabis. With cannabis we’re looking for seedless fruits. So to get seeds you need to make your own. Each breeder will create their own version by selecting the phenotypes they like. That’s why there’s a discrepancy.

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You think it will remain that way commercially when the wild west days end? I can see it becoming legal at the Federal level within a decade, I can see that being regulated at some point. GMO strain can’t be far off either if it’s not already out there.

It’s never going to change until they are forced to list breeder instead of grower/farm even then you’ll have about 10 different girl scout cookies and 30+og kush breeders maybe in 50 years getting a DNA test on plants will be cheap and easy enough that you’ll get percentages that will make it more reliable but until then every new grower with the bright idea of creating their own strain will either name it something entirely new and expand the already huge list of strains or just piggy back on an established name for easier sales. Oh and if USA goes full legal it’s going to get so much worse that’s why I stick to 90% European seeds.


I never met a well-grown well-dried, well-cured strain that I didn’t link. I do like some more that others. So there’s that.


I think it is though. I equate my sativa/indica dominance with the sweetness of an apple. We’ve all had massive Granny Smith’s; and sweeter ones, and tart ones, and extra sour impossible to eat ones. But the characteristics are the same - same lineage, same green skin and overarching tart quality. Different orchards may produce fruits of different dominant traits (someone may, for example, have trees that produce the extremely large, but quite tart Granny Smith apples, while another orchard has small, organic somewhat “sweet” tart apples).

I think it’s the same thing with cannabis because genetics play the role. We just evaluate cannabis by indica/sativa dominance while we evaluate apples by physical traits (and taste)

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Take Kandy Kush for example. It is a cross of OG Kush and Trainwreck. Originally by DNA Genetics. But is I have an OG Kush Plant and a Trainwreck plant and cross them, my Kandy Kush, will certainly be different that theirs.

Picture two brothers marrying two sisters. Their kids will be all different.

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I wish that was me. Many of the uplifting, high, type stains do virtually nothing for me at all. Other people love it and I can barely tell I’ve paraken. I used to think it was a weak bud, but it seems to be me. Not knowing the details on many of those strain IDK for sure what types they were. They have become popular and that’s part of the reason I want to grow my own, plus it’s legal now for me.

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If you take my example of Green Crack, I’m not sure I buy that is consistently true. Some vendor have significantly different profiles for it from 40/60 to 70/30 both highly rated vendors. Most vendors do trend towards the former profile it’s the fact that are outliers that bothers me though.

As long as the profiles match vendors description I should be fine. My grow will be for personal use.

I saw a news article about this. Basically they were saying if the industry wants to be taken seriously they will standardize the products.

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Like sweet granny smith’s. I get your point, I just respectfully disagree. As long as the genealogy is the same, traits will vary and still be the same strain. :v:

I hear you brother. I’m in VA as well.

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When I moved back from Florida 10 year ago I would have bet VA would have been one the last states to legalize.