Whats up with my leaves

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Your feeding them to much nutrients?

You left those buckets so empty =(


That’s what I was thinking to , can’t be more then 2 gallons of medium, also looks like a watering issue you have drainage holes?

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So many questions. Not enough information.

PH problems. Heat stress. Nute deficiency or PH/nute lockout. Drainage issues. Overwatering. Those photos could be any combination or all of these.

Please take a moment to fill this information out.

Fill those buckets with soil. Happy roots = happy plants.

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Wow wheres ur soil theres not much in ur buckets that wouldnt be helping ur plants it looks like to much nutrients for the little amount of soil ur using

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I’m with all of the above :arrow_up: also you want to drill holes all up the sides of your buckets 🪣 and make sure there’s enough on the bottom. The ones up the side help give oxygen to the roots. Happy Growin and you’re in good company. :sunglasses::v::call_me_hand:

Ok so i added soil almost to the top of the bucket and had to pretty much transplant them to new buckets so does that mean that i dont need to feed them again for 20 more days

What do yall think do u think its bounced back or is it atill bad

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Looks like they perked up a tad, but I always used to keep my grow medium within a few inches of the top of the container so the roots have plenty of room to grow. ( This was using photoperiod plants, not autos).

I see one container has a hole in the side towards the top. Might want to put a few close to the top if you’re going to train/tie down your plants for max light exposure and yields; it will give you a place to anchor your tie downs…just a thought.

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Looking better. Still a bit heat stressed or something else is bugging them. Maybe PH imbalance…? The “sharp” appearance on the serrated edges of the leaves is why I say that.

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I think in gonna try scrog net I’ve never done it but i see other ppls and it looks really nice

Probably wouldn’t hurt to go ahead and plan how you’re going to lay out your screen. Better to have it in place ahead of time. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Gotta wait longer for it to load. :v:

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