Whats up with my Emporer J plant, please

Hi, started 8 seeds 31 days ago. Pictured is my Emperor J plant - leaves drooping a bit, and the discoloration I believe is from heat stroke… (newb maneuver… got it into my head to put my 8 plants in a terrarium out in the sun… with the terrarium cover on as well to further exacerbate the problem)…. 5 plants died, 3 remain…

Another beginner mistake was using nutrient rich soil. My questions are: 1. Does this plant appear to be progressing ok? (Should it be bigger by now?). also, question 2. Should I transplant this into regular soil or just leave it to grow as is? 3. I’ve been using my pellet gun pistol as a source of c02… initially shooting ‘blanks’ at my plants, but found that by unscrewing the co2 cylinder a tiny bit, it shoots out a lot of c02 for my plants to bask in. 4. Is that an absurd way to administer co2 (have a co2 generator on order, arrives in mid Sep). and finally. 5. Should my MHS light be closer? its approx. 2’ from top of plant, running on 600W (can adjust up to 1000W if needed) Thoughts? thank you. Mike

Answer: your lights are way to strong for your seedlings. T5s are what you should be using

For 31 days they look stunted imo. This is mine at 45 days.

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I’m new so I’m not nearly as versed as others here

wow, very nice array of plants. What type of lights are they?

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Thank you very much for the input/advice. I am reluctant to transplant the Emporer plant into proper soil, simply because it’s made it this far when the others failed… I’m going to do it anyway, today, and will follow your advice on minimizing shock. If nothing else, this is the greatest hobby.

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Thanks. They are horticultural lighting group quantum board 135w kits. You should check them out

I’m right here with you my friend

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@garrigan62. He knows his stuff. Your in good hands

awesome, you’re all very helpful. Looked up those quantum board light kits on Familyman’s post, they get a great review… think maybe I’m rushing into the MH lighting far too quickly…

I agree. MH are good, but LED is the future. Lower heat, customizable, and less power consumption. Coming from the aquarium hobby where MH was the standard, they are now nearly obsolete. You can’t go wrong with the quantum boards. Saw an immediate response from my plants.

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No not really
I’ll post why later cause I’m on my phone

Thanks Garrigan65, I’ve done quite a bit of research on HID lamps (MH for veg, HPS for flowering stages, resulting in higher yields). Cost isn’t my concern at this point, learning the most effective way to grow is, I will concern myself with efficiency later. I do agree with Familyman wrt the benefits of LED and certainly can’t argue against it after seeing his plant picture. I may just run a separate LED system next batch, to contrast and compare yields and workload involved. I think though, I will use HID (MH) after my seedlings have had a good two weeks under T5’s, when I transplant them to their 2 Gallon planter. I do have a question though… wrt number of times I am transplanting… Seeds are started in peat, transplanted to 1 Gallon continers, then 2 Gallon, then 3-5 Gallon (depending on strain). Am I transplanting too many times? I’ve read that some people transplant many times, and that the benefit is its easier to manage a small amount of soil wrt ph level/ soil moisture. I’ve also read that some people take the peat plugs or pellets and when seedlings grow roots through the pellets, they put them in their final destination planter, 3-5 Gallon. I do have concerns about the fragility of the plants during the transplanting but I think I’m getting better at it and have to learn anyway, but then again, I’m also learning quickly about soil management… What are your thoughts.