What's up with my Chocopene plant?


I noticed a strange leaf on my plant a couple of days ago. Today I see two more leaves with the same spots. I can’t tell by looking at the pictures of deficient leaves what my problem is. The plant is about 7 weeks old.

I watered it yesterday and gave it nutrients for the first time. PH water was 6.7 and TDS at 808.


take a look at this @Bobbi i hope it helps


@BIGE That’s what I looked at and can’t tell.


yea,my eyes are not as good as they used to be…lol


It looks like a magnesium deficiency. Do you have any Cal Mag?


@raustin Yes, I have Earth Juice Cal-N-Mag. How much should I put in? Directions are confusing .


I’ve never used that. What do the directions say?


2 tsp per gallon of water. apply twice a year? Then it also has a chart for the weeks, It’s in veg state so 0.75 up to 1.75 tsp


Twice a year?! That’s just weird. Try 1 teaspoon per gallon and give her a light watering with it. Let’s see if that helps. Also you could use Epsom salts instead if you have that on hand.


I think the Epsom salts would be best and a lot safer to use at this stage @Bobbi hope this helps and get your Cal-Mag in there also :v:


How much epson salts? @Johnzy81 I don’t have any on hand but will pick up some.


You said you had some Cal-Mag in your earlier post I would go with that it would be perfect for this and go with @raustin recommendations on how mush to use because twice a year is a bit funny and I’m assuming the N is for Nitrogen and just stick with a safe amount.


Actually the N could just mean Cal and Mag I just read over it again @Bobbi.


If you want to use Epsom salts, you can try a teaspoon per gallon of water.


This should help

If you go to hydro organic website you can download a printable version of that.

Epsom salts would add magnesium and sulfur, but I’m pretty sure not calcium. If that means anything.


@dbrn32 Thanks for the chart, I printed it out and also went to the site. Asked some questios there. Thanks everyone for helping me out.


If you have a light question @dbrn32 is the person to go to for sure mate so so much experience with all lights. @Bobbi


No problem! I use some of their other products.

Are you using entire earth juice line? When you run out of that bottle, check out their oily can. It’s a nitrogen free calmag with humic.


@dbrn32 No, I just purchased the Cal-N-Mag last year when I had a problem. That’s all I have of that brand I use the General Hydroponics pH Control Kit for Ph, etc.


Gotcha! I was just curious, not a lot of earth juice users here.