WHATS UNDER MY COTYLEDONS? Please help! Not the white film the green growths!

Not sure what is growing under them on each side?? Is this normal or something to worry about? Anything I should do to change or fix?

Bruce banner Autos
Mars hydro 600W light
Happy frog soil
20/4 light cycle

Nothing to worry about. You can pick it off. It might grow back or grow again elsewhere…


Not a disease or issue? Any idea what it is? Or should I leave it be or pick it off?

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Not an issue. Just some funky growth. Dealer’s choice on what to do. It won’t hurt anything one way or another…


Leave it or pick it off. I usely pick it off :man_shrugging:
It’s just weird growth that alot if not must plants get, usely at an old leaf or limb site


I was told by a old timer that it’s the plant growing at a great rate and sheds layers.

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I just picked it off mine today

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Cots are probably long gone. That looks like your starter leaves. As others stated. You can pluck them off.