Whats this on the stalk

super skunk feminized.Out of six plants this one has a weird ?salt creep? on it?Ive only been watering with water when needed and miracle grow once a week.I am waiting on new pots and i will transplant and fill up with more dirt.Thank you for any insight.This website is a wealth of information!!!

I dont know what it is ive never seen it before maybe one of the other members mite know what it is

To me looks like it’s gonna be shedding the skin like a snake does but see what others say happy growing :v:

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mine did that and I peeled it off

My opinion but from that pick she looks hungry can you take a pic of the hole plant please and thank you

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Yeah I agree and a pic of whole plant can help better diagnose

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Couple of suggestions:

Fill that pot with soil. Happy roots = happy plants. What soil (brand and type) are you using?

Miracle Grow might be good for tomatoes, but not cannabis. Switch to a proper cannabis fertilizer product like Fox Farm, Jack’s, Advanced Nutrients,…

There is a lot of space between those nodes. Your plant is asking for more light.

As far as what is on the stem: are you watering down the stem with nute water? It looks like a salt buildup. It could also be a form of mold (don’t panic, it is treatable if it is.) A dilute spray of hydrogen peroxide will eliminate it if so. Don’t overdo the spray. Peroxide won’t hurt your plant, but if you get too much of it in the soil it will kill the beneficial microbes in your soil.


Agree with @MidwestGuy

I agree with @MidwestGuy. I would stop the maricle grow. A simple fish/crab solition would work just as good and add alittle extra.
I feel like the marical grow may of been hitting the stalk while you were feeding.

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I agree on MG. Works great on peppers and tomatoes. Burns cannabis with time released nutes.

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Just an aside here. Some of us are hard working living soils. @MeEasy @JaneQP and a few others besides myself are using Earth Dust. The water in ph range is great. No nutes till flip then an ammend. Takes a few weeks to cook the soil but I personally am taking all old soil as harvest and throwing in big bin and cooking it as plants growing mature. I knowbit works…smells like a sewer in the bin. I suppose other brands out just as good but this has REALLY simplified my grow.

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Will do.Have to wait until they wake up.I run 6pm to 6am.Probably did splash watering them.Went to a local store and bought some products they were recommended made by extreme nutrients.Guess they use it at the local curaleaf grow houses.

I believe I read somewhere about a 5 parts distilled water to 1 part peroxide.Brown bottle 3% usp

Yes, that is reasonable.

Yes there is a lot of space in between the nodes.I started them outside in poor conditions and decided to invest with going inside.Right now lighting is a diablo at 100% 1000ppfd at 12" or so with uva light attatched.

Perfect. This should be good going forward.

I was told to stay below 1200 or I have to add co2.Just got some product from extreme nutrients from a local store.Girls Should be super happy here soon.

Looks like she’s just shedding her baby skin.

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so nothing to worry about? Ill proceed as planned.

I noticed a bit of an ammonia scent when they were cooking but not a sewer smell. I love the ease of Earthdust! It fits my lazy retirement lifestyle.