What's this on my seedling?

First off, I’m not sure what strain this one is…

It was one of many seeds I had gotten from some
super seedy reg I got like five years ago that I decided
to try and grow along with five girl scout cookies I

*The medium in which I’m growing in is coco fiber.

*I’m using plastic pots and watering with ro water

*I’m growing indoors, and my light system is a 9w led grow light suspended roughly about 4" above my pots.

*Typical temps; Day, Night stay around 75-80.

*Humidity; Day, Night 63-69%

*Ventilation system; two small 8" fans

*Co2; No

*Covered with a dome to help keep humidity in.

*Currently got them in my closet which is an 8x4x12ft room.

*Soil pH is 6.5, trying to get it to go down but not putting anything crazy strong into it.

*Using a heavily diluted 32oz spray bottle of ro water mixed with like a half a table spoon of vinegar.

*Water pH measured at 5.8 after adding the vinegar.

*I also have another 16oz spray bottle filled with ro water and nothing else, I plan to use as a buffer once I stabilize my pH levels.

I posted in a different area of the forum but never got any responses in the last four hours but other posts were popping so I thought maybe I posted in the wrong area.

Is this some kind of fungus growing on the plant?

I have seen some posts that had seedlings with white fuzz but nothing was wrong with the plant, but this doesn’t look normal to me…

I asked my sister who has about 13 years of experience and she said it looked like mold to her and I should get a q-tip with antibacterial soap and wipe it off, but I’m nervous to do so.

So far I’ve been having a rough start, this is my first time ever growing and my first time using coco.
I’ve already just about killed all the first seedlings I got from mistakingly over watering them.

I have one girl scout cookie that’s clinging onto life right now, it’s already dropped all it’s true leaves off and all that’s left are the cotyledon leaves.

I have a dome over top of it and I regularly take the dome off and breathe into it to help it sustain it’s Co2 levels.

So I’m rather apprehensive about making any hasty actions that might jeopardize any of my other plants.

Any insight as to what it may be, if it in fact is something bad and if it is how do I get rid of it?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!


If this is a plant, u have a problem. How long was she standing? Did she shrivel?

Yes, it just came up from the soil some time yesterday from what my wife told me and I hadn’t had a chance to look at them in detail until this morning.
I also have another one that looks pretty bad and is also covered in the same thing.

The white stuff isnt horrible. But u prefer it on roots not greenery

@PurpNGold74 right, lol and this one has still yet to fully come out of the seed hull.
The other one has dropped it’s seed hull and it’s color is strange, it’s like a rusty blotchy green color and the cotyledon leaves haven’t folded out.
It looks as if it’s still inside the seed despite the seed hull falling off.
I’m trying to get my wife to take some pictures of them both at a better angle since I’m at work right now, but she isn’t responding. Probably napping, so I’ll send some better pictures when I get home tonight if I don’t hear back from her.

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Thats usually seed membrane… needs picking off as well


I see, okay so I’ll see about working that membrane off as well.
Thank you for the information so far.

I was indeed napping


Hahahaha. Welcome to the forum you two. Sunday naps for the win

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@PurpNGold74 Hahaha thanks, she just sent me some different angles of the plant.
It appears it is even worse now and the leaves are brown.
She said she is removing the domes we have on top of them right now. Apparently several others are turning brown too.


Does anyone know if the autos from llgm are all feminized or if you can get males in the pack to

They are supposed to be all feminised.

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Okay thanks

Yup all feminized. Its hell finding regular auto seeds

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Give it at least two days I wouldn’t recommend doing anything. It’s easy to get anxious. Time is your friend. Let it sprout do you have it domed? It will shed it’s shell. My GG had one half of the shell on it’s leave until about 2" off the ground.

Are you doming? What’s you humidity and temp like?

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Yeah I thought so to was just making sure thanks

We had domes on them but they were wilting under the domes, so we took the domes off for a bit and they seem to have perked up some.
I’ve been pulling the domes off and breathing into them to give them fresh carbon dioxide so they aren’t suffocating but I guess it wasn’t enough lol.
It turns out it had already shed the shell it was just covered in so much mold that it was hard to tell.
My wife said all the mold came off with just a gentle touch of her finger and I can see the little seedling that was underneath.
Temps hang out between 77-80 degrees and humidity is 55-67%

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Okay future suggestion get red solo cups. Get clear solo cups for make shift greenhouses. Drill holes in the bottom and at min two holes in the top cup. Normally at this state you should be about 75-80 degrees f and 70/80% RH. With no mold what are you growing in?

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Ah okay, good information to know! I’ll keep that in mind for next time, thank you.
I had to get on my wife’s account as it was saying I reached the maximum amount of posts I can make on my first day being on the forum.
The humidity I have been struggling to get to go higher than 67%.
I don’t have a humidifier and have been wanting to get one, but just don’t have the ability to do so right now as my finances are rather tight since the whole corona virus situation started.
I was thinking about getting a pitcher of water and putting one of my fans above it to try and raise it up that way.
As far as what I’m using to grow in, I’m using coco husk.

You can use a clear two liter. Cut the bottom off and put it over top. It will keep the humidity higher and that should provide enough CO2 but you can simply lift it up every day and put it back down. To ensure you have enough humidity grab a spray bottle mist the inside of the bottle. You should be good to go until your baby gets her real leaves. The hardest part will be not checking on her every 10 minutes :smile:

Remember the warmer the air the more humidity it can hold the colder the less humidity. It’s difficult I know look on FB for cool air humidifier but you don’t need one just yet. At this stage your girl will be getting a lot of fluid from the air around her. I have never used straight coco but I know it holds water like no other. Go light on the watering especially since she is so young. I use Fox Farms Happy Frog and Ocean forest but you are doing the right thing keep checking here for help. It’s like therapy for your grow. What’s your seed situation like?

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