Whats this on my plant?

My plant is going on it 60 days old or so…

I was looking over this morning and I noticed something?

Does anyone know what this is?

I think you’re pointing to the stipule? Or am I not seeing something else


Look like little ball with brown on it???

Hmm I can’t tell I thought that was just a pistil. Can you get another photo? Maybe try a magnifying glass with your camera

I just turn my lights off, I’ll do it tomorrow :slight_smile: my baby is asleep…

Could just be calyx swelling up


Yes it’s a calyx swelling up. It’s normal. Almost looks like a single ball.

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Are they abit like this?? If so thats just her calyx swelling up, good things happening. I know this thanks to someone on here.

Welcome and happygrowing :slight_smile: