What's this little bug?

Can anyone tell what this thing is? It’s very small, head-to-tail is about 1mm (not a typo). Looks like a baby fly.

BrundleFly . I think I see Jeff Goldblum’s face…

Looks like a normal ole MillRun housefly

Wow, huh. I’ve never seen them nearly that small. Anything to worry about?

Not particularly. Unless they get out of hand. But it’ll be obvious at that point. Since they’ll bother you more than her.

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Maybe get a sticky strip.

Fly traps work best. I use this brand. Works amazing. Just don’t put them in the grow area. Since it really attracts them in. I bought like 3 bags of bait (years) for much cheaper elsewhere though.

Was a horse farmer who put me on to these. Imagine his Flys. He’d fill them up bi weekly.

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Bug-A-Salt is quite entertaining https://www.bugasalt.com/products/realtree-camo-3-0


Looks like a springtail.