What's this coloring on my leaves mean?


I’m a first time grower and have made some mistakes and learned a lot but can’t figure out what this discoloration on one of my plants leaves means. I have 2 plants, both AK47 auto fem. Both about 5 weeks old now. Both are seeming okay enough but for the sake of it, I will call one Bad, and the other Good. Both went into 3 gallon pots of miracle grow nature’s care organic after sprouting (I know now - not ideal).

Both started well but I think I over watered and then I went on vacation and installed a wifi auto waterer and over watered more… during vacation, Bad toppled over as a seedling but I shut off watering and it slowly picked itself back up by the time I got home a few days later.

I have been battling fungus gnats constantly, using Neem oil a lot, and changing my watering practices but it’s been a nuisance.

I started out giving tap water and then a couple of weeks in started changing the pH after learning, and now have been doing distilled water. No added nutes at all until week 4.

The “bad” plant has been stalky and grown different the entire time. “Bad” is stalky and has discolored leaves and Good is right next to it and never shown leaf discoloration at all.

I have pruned leaves off of “bad” but the new leaves even now continue to show the exact same discoloration after time.

“Bad” is preflowering nicely… Very nicely in fact, and perhaps better than “good”. Though “good” looks bushy and even and just very healthy.

The discoloration is similar to is say…a watermelon look. Or lighter green shaded tarnished spots. Any clues to what this means?

Pics of a couple “bad” leaves attached
Thank you!!


ad" leaves attached.

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This just variegated leaves, some leaves are completely that lighter color on half of one of the finger leaves.
As long as your feeding properly, the leaves you’re showing us look good, so I wouldn’t be too concerned. A lot of members post pictures similar to yours.
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High in Nitrogen?