What's this bug?

Can anyone identify this. Light brown colour. About 1 inch to 1.5 inch. Maybe ten segments

Thats what the call a blurry-bug.


Yeah camera wouldn’t focus. Can’t see any munched leaves but after tieing down some branches I saw it on the floor.

Stop taking pictures and kill it.


I put it outside straight away. I’ve looked for chewed leaves but nothing. Was like a caterpillar but with a firmer shinier outer

Does anyone know what this is, I cant seem to find it on the web.

The original picture looks like a mealworm their frass is a great fertilizer I breed them


Tick or a bed bug !! KILL IT!!

Yeah the one in the middle is what it looked like. I thought mealworms were more vicious looking than mine. It had little legs but not much else. What’s are their larva stage pupa stage and adulthood stage. I wouldn’t know. Trying to figure out how it got in there, are there more, do they eat our precious buds and leaves and roots?
Shall I not worry or go and arm myself with plant friendly nepalm

@Damo the pictures I posted is there full life cycle and they do burrow and they eat organic matter they’ll pretty much eat anything their not picky

@Damo if it was only one mealworm I wouldn’t worry to much about it shift your soil if you don’t see anymore your good

I’m in Coco. Can’t understand how there is only one. Do they live in trees. One explanation is it could have got on me from taking the dog out but it was after a training session. Tying down branches I thought that I may have knocked it off. I’ll be vigilant but I can’t find one damaged leaf. Nowhere.

Separate q altogether.
I was given a gelonade by tastebudz.
I was told it was an auto but can’t find an auto . Only fememized. I’m baffled and time will tell. I so hope is a photo and not some novelty russian rubbish. I bought a load from dope seeds in the UK. Shit genes. Ruderalis too prominent for 5%
I’m gonna start a journal about it. Not knowing and waiting hoping for once no flowers appear… o have loads of autos. But only one white gold female. Hopefully this is a photo. I have only grown autos up until this grow albeit my learning curve was steep. I planted 2/3 a week. Different strains different ages and had 20 at one point. Feeding and keeping track of it all was a head fuck. Made many mistakes which I have learnt from. I have been growing a strawberry kush and although I haven’t seen thousands of plants I can tell the 12 week veg and train has done a good job. Think on I am only on 2nd run and my first with added knowledge and now 3 weeks into flower. Here’s a pic I’m so proud.


Thanks too for your quick response.

Well I don’t know there not the best climber they can’t climb smooth surfaces

That’s a bettle