Whats this bizarre reaction?

How are these numbers? 60% humidity, 28.9°C (84°F daytime) and sunny skies inside the cabinet

pretty warm but humidity is looking decent


I came up with a brilliant solution to the high temperature…opening the cabinet door! Shouldn’t the humidity be lower too, like, 45- 50 or so? Thanks for your help.

Seems I’m getting some of my issues straightened out. At todays water/feed at 8:45, cabinet temp was 67°F and RH 60. Water went in at pH 6.0 and run off was pH 5.9. A bit of an improvement over the last few days. Now hopefully the girl will fully recover as pistils are darkening.

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@DieHigh55 I like your hygrometer! Was it fairly inexpensive there? That’s about $10 to $15 US here.

Try to keep your temps within 10 degrees of each other (day/night) and the pH is looking to be a lot more stable!

It’s a little process, but you’re getting there! LOL

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It was 15 euro, that’s about the same. I think I basically cooked the plant, she’s in what’s normally my veg cabinet but her sister is a pig and took the whole bloom cabinet to herself. The veg cabinet is way to small for the 85w cfl and got too warm. So genius that I am…I opened the door! Duh. Now the temp is cooled down, there’s better air flow, at last check the RH was 42 and the attic smells great. Now if the pH behaves I might have a.crop in a few weeks! The hygrometer also gives me the weather forecast…“sunny skies are expected inside the cabinet”.


Nice hydrometer bro
Temps are a bit high try to get box around 78 day and as bob said

Thanks. There’s some useless stuff on it…I really don’t need to know the chance of rain in 6 more hours in my cabinet…but if I can keep the RH, PH and all the rest of the BS stabilised, I should be ok. The temp now is around 68°f but I can bring that up a little if necessary. Are you having fun in the snow?

Hahhaha snow :snowflake:
Was a good storm got 26 inches
I would say 68 night time is ok but don’t let it get lower if you can help it i try to maintain between 78 and 68 but I’ll get a few degrees either way sometimes I can’t be with them 24 hours s day so they need to figure things out in there own sometimes hahaha
I see it this way in nature nothing in perfect temps and humidity fluctuate so if I get a little fluctuations in my temps so be it ? But I try to stay as close as possible to that optimal temp and humidity range
Air in my house is so dry right now if my humidifier runs out of water my humidity drops so low I can’t get a reading and even with a whole house humidifier running 24/7 I can’t get grow room over 49% so I’ve added wet towel to tents and a second humidifier I’ll be putting in room this weekend to try and raise it up to about 65%

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“I see it this way in nature nothing in perfect” Simply because, we as a product of nature, are imperfect ourselves, therefore, we are unable to see the perfection of the Nature that created us, And although we can see the destruction we are doing to Nature, we, the stupid apes that we are, are incapable of stopping it. Woof!