Whats this bizarre reaction?

Strain; Type, Strawberry Haze feminized

50%coco 50% perlite

System type? handwater daily, alternate days nutes

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir? 5.7

What is strength of nutrient mix? Dyna grow bloom 3-12-6 50% strength

Light system 1x85w CFL 2x 27w CFL side lamps

Temps; 26C (78.8F) night n/a

Humidity; Day, Night N/A

Ventilation system; Yes, fan in cabinet with vent holes

AC none

@Countryboyjvd1971 @yoshi @MacGyverStoner @Donaldj @Matthew420 @Majiktoker @Niala @DissidentPriest and anyone else I may have inadvertently forgotten
Today after watering I noticed the leaves were curling up. Normally, the rainwater I use is around pH7, and I lower it with lemon juice to around 5.5 -5.8. The runoff is usually in that range. Today for some reason the water was 6.0 but the runoff was 3.9 without nutes. Otherwise the plant looks good, no yellowing or other problems, besides the yellowing leaf tips which is stable. She’s 19 days after preflowering. Any ideas? Just calibrated my pH meter so tha’ts not the problem. I water every day, could I be over watering? This like suddenly happened. Where is the “tearing one’s hair out” imoj?

@Oldstoner I guess I could be possible you over watering but I’m going to let someone with a little more experience guide you threw this one never dealt with that myself
Interested it see cause bro
How goes things otherwise my friend


Everythings great otherwise, bro, the other plant is doing great and doesn’t show any of this leaf curl stuff. How you doin’? I saw you got a little snow in NY.

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All good here going to transplant a couple more of my ssh today
And yeah a little bit haha I’m in the 24 inch plus range if all goes as planned and I’m hunkered down just chilling waiting it out :+1::grin:CB
The leaf curl what size pots you in when you water do you get run off and what color if you do

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I would say this is likely your main problem. Overwatering can contribute to things in the soil breaking down faster than normal and becoming more acidic, but you’ll usually experience the other symptoms of overwatering as well, such as bloated wilting or drooping leaves, and nutrient deficiencies appearing in the leaves from the damaged/drowned roots that can’t properly uptake nutrients.

This looks more like a nutrient abundance/toxicity and you can see this in the tip burn in the leaves as well as the type of curling. And this indeed can be from the pH making certain nutrients too available.

I would get the pH down by not using lemmon juice and watering with water at about 7.0pH to get your range in the runoff back to about 5.8

happy growing,



Im no coco expert but I believe your ph runoff is too low at 3.9


Good morning @Countryboyjvd1971 doing good this morning. But you may have got the wrong post this is @DieHigh55 s post brother .


I get clear runoff, usually about the same pH as the water that goes in …around 5.8. This has me baffled that there is such a big difference in pH suddenly. The pots are around 68 liters I think…around 3 gallons or so? Are you thinking bound roots? Good morning @Countryboyjvd1971 doing good this morning. But you may have got the wrong post this is @DieHigh55 s post brother . Seems someone is having a VERY good morning, @Oldstoner :grin:

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Thanks! Gave her a good flush with pH7 water…had to bring it up this time!..and got a run off of 6.5, which I think is maximum for coco. Tomorrow, no water, no nutes, just stand in the corner and be a bad girl! Would the 78.8 cabinet temp have something to do with it, ya think? Maybe I’m slowing toasting her, her sister is in another, bigger cabinet and no problems at all.

Good morning @DieHigh55 I would love to be able to help but this is only grow number 2 for me and diagnosis is my weakest area by far . What I do is exactly what you are doing post a pic with brief description of the issue and ask the community for advice. Then if I am lucky enough to have a mentor comment like @MacGyverStoner just did I always follow the suggestions the mentors give first . Not as a knock to others methods or knowledge but the mentors seem to give just the basic advice on the problem with the simplest and most direct route to a solution . Good luck


I used to think raising kids was tough…THAT was easy! Yeah, there’s some really good, knowledgeable folks here who are always willing to help, lucky for us!

Hahaha sorry guys
But glad I caught up with both of you
I was reading to many threads this morning @DieHigh55 @Oldstoner


My wife was saying maybe the pH of the rain water changed because the rain came from a different direction. Makes sense (but Im not telling her that!) We live pretty close to the 3rd largest harbor in the world…Antwerp…and Im sure if the rain comes from that direction it probably carries all sorts of chemicals and crap from the refineries which could affect the pH. But next grow bigger pots too. Lets see if the flush helps.

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How big are you pots just curious

:joy: I answered already…forgot? No worry, that happens. 6.8 liters, which is like 2 gallons.

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Ok my bad I’m high bro lol
Yeah I’m thinking it’s root bound a bit also
Try 5 gal next time and if you can grab the fabric pots they work great and prevent root binding :+1:

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Thats cool! Kinda figured you was buzzed. Don’t know if I’ve ever seen fabric pots here, I’ll check 'em out.

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Yeah they are cool here a pic of mine

They are 5gal and on Amazon you can get a 5 pack for under 20

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You are good on the temp. This explains the temperature ranges. Hope it helps. Jerry

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Indeed, thanks. One problem eliminated.