What's This About?

I’ve grown lots of pot plants but I’ve never seen this before…maybe I don’t get out enough. Like a whole herd o’ pistols trying to erupt from the same place. Sorry about the detail lost in blowing it up. More of a curiosity than anything problematic.



Pretty wild looking. I’d be curious too

Light too close?
What strain?


Ya…it is wild looking. Took it out and examined it closely. All that white tufty material is, in fact, plant matter. They’ve been grown about 18" from the led lights. The strain is supposed to be NL x Critical auto. Got the seeds locally for a buck each. All popped and all were female. All over the place pheno wise. Ranged from under 12" to over 3’. All considered, I can’t complain, though.


Wow, that’s crazy looking. I’m waiting for for more experienced growers for input on this one. @Donaldj @bob31 @Countryboyjvd1971

It looks like a giant mass of trichomes. Weird.

Light bleaching… :wink:
Lights too close… :wink:

:v: :sunglasses:


Nope…This is on a side branch easily 24" from light source that is on a mover to boot. The main colas in the grow are at least 6-8" closer to the lights and none of them demonstrate the same anomaly.

Im thinking not enough light on branch but im only guessing
It also can just be as you stated a just anomaly :+1:
Can tou post a over all picture of the plant fir us

Here’s a pic of the top half of the 3’ plant. The bud in question has always had plenty of unobstructed light. Really, pretty sure it is just one of those oddball things that happen. Just thought others might be interested, too. G.




Good or Bad? Bad! This type of foxtailing is a sign that your buds are getting too much light and/or too much heat! These odd spires can also be accompanied by light bleaching and cooked leaves. Any one of these signs is a message that your lights need to be backed off immediatelgood-and-bad-foxtailsy to halt any further damage. Although light bleaching and burned leaves are obviously damaged, foxtails don’t look damaged so much as they just look weird, so they don’t register as a threat to new growers. Unfortunately, they’re the harbingers of heat damage which means lost potency; if you see this type of foxtails on your buds, you’ve likely already lost potency to heat and now the mission is to lose as little as you possibly can


Luckily, this type of foxtailing is usually localized, so you’ll only see it in spots where light intensity is super-high. This usually means they’ll be found in a small circle directly under the light, but that small circle gets larger as the light gets closer.

Now with all that being said, plants are weird! It’s totally possible that many of you growers have already seen a plant that makes the ‘bad’ looking foxtails but all over the plant. Or maybe a plant that only grows in spires! The point is that there is bound to be plants that break these rules, but at least until then you’ll know what you’re dealing with. Good luck and happy growing!


We’re talking about what appears to be a large concentration of trichs at the top of that bud right @garrigan62?

I’ve seen a handful of buds foxtail and never do that. Is that a random situation that comes along with the foxtails occasionally? Also, I’ve read that some strains are more prone to foxtail than others, any truth to that?

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@BrandX had a similar picture that was posted around May 8, 2017.

Heres a link to that post. http://support.ilovegrowingmarijuana.com/t/whitest-white-widow-or-mold/

Light bleaching

Sure does look pretty

Hope this helps @Garyak @dbrn32 @garrigan62


Wow…Much better photo than mine. Thanks for posting the link, too.

I had foxtailing on my first grow with ILGM Gold leaf. It was on all of the plants and was on every bud so I concluded that it was genetic foxtailing. It sure did not effect the quality of the bud though. It turned out great.
The 2nd grow with the clones is doing the same thing on all the plants and on all the buds.

Mine where the traditional looking foxtail with the spires.

@Garyak @garrigan62


Probably something in that pheno for sure. If you keep running it I would expect more of the same. Although you certainly have the potential to hammer them with light, so both theories could hold true.

Wow friggin wild man
Learn sumpin new everyday
Good post

I ruled out the lights for the following reasons

  1. The growth is on every bud, upper, lower, left, right both grows have this.
  2. On the first grow, 4 plants under china lights, less than 250 watts, had foxtailing
  3. The lower buds that do not receive light are still foxtailing.
  4. The quality of the weed did not decline

Heres a photo from today. The foxtail has pistils that stick straight out. you can see its on all the buds even the lower ones.


Sounds reasonable enough to me.

As with the above case, I think there are some things that we just can not explain. The above 2 cases being excellent example
With all the cross breeding there is bound to be some anomalies like these