What's the thoughts on two sided tent?

Hello all. So this is what i aim to do. I have 3 white widow autos going at about 4 weeks into flower.20190913_160959_HDR|375x500

![20190913_160921_HDR|375x500] (upload://bz5lvMzf2L4O7VtK9abK7W9JL9M.jpeg) How they look? Only second grow. I want to start some more plants just germed 3 more wwa seeds. Question is…can i separate the tent into a 3 x 3, and a 1 x 3 to start the new autos and eventually get them into the 3 x 3 space and open it up again. I ask only because the first plants i had hermied on me. I had a similar set up before when i germed these girls. Dont want to have that again. But i want to get some new ones started now. I know it can be done, right? One of the girls is on its own time line. All planted at the same time but one is takin its sweet time to get flowering. I have two lights one 1200w (250wall) and one 600 (130wall).

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You’ve got a good grow going on.

The way I understand things, you’ve got 3 plants growing in a 3’x3’ tent and you want to add an extra 1’x3’ space to plant more plants?

Yes indeed. I guess i can get into trouble with light leakage?

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Interesting experiment.

Not one I would do.

Bummer…got these seeds tailing out and i was hopin to get em goin.

Sometimes, you just have to follow your dreams.

Then reality.

ONE plant will be more than enough for a 3’x3’ tent.

I wish you luck.

Best regards,


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And sometimes less is more. Point taken. Thx.

There autos so light leak shouldn’t be a problem. Run the autos 18/6 will fall right into veg cycle anyway. Autos prefer the 18/6. With autos it doesn’t matter what schedule you run the lights on they do what they want. A 24 hour cycle would just be a waist of electricity. Some people run 12/12 to save electricity. You can run them with photo periods and just switch lights according to there needs. If you have just autos running 18/6 is ideal.

I’ve put this thread on “watching”.


I don’t know why.

Intuition maybe.

It’s going to take a while and a lot of ups and downs, you will eventually achieve your objective.

I’m all for you trying man. Like mentioned above they are auto so no big deal with light leaks.

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Well okay then. I think im gonna give it a shot. Ive been running these at 12 and 12. So i thought i could just keep the same schedule for the new ones, but shouldnt the seedlings get more light time though?

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I run all seedlings at 18/6 regardless. Autos just do there own thing. Doesn’t matter to them what your plan is. Recommended light schedule from most breeders on autos is 18/6 so should work out just fine.

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So if i go from 12/12 to 18/6 shouldnt be a problem, then i can get the new ones going. Im hoping to get to harvest sometime around end of Oct. Maybe i get lucky and have them get big and swap out old for new.


I don’t think you’ll get any I’ll effect!

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Man, that would be good.

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