Whats the shortest grow cycle for a decent yeild?

I used 2 gallon rain science grow bags with coco and Jacks 321, watering twice a day in flowering.


Can’t take seedling to harvest fast enough so we dedicate mother’s to do the job

The time will be in the setup then once your established your good.

Veg tent with mothers

Clone - once rooted put into quart size containers

Quart size containers then stay in veg tent until fully rooted 2-3 weeks

Move to flower room, pot up to final planter size, once established (again 2-3weeks) flip them to flower

You could do it in about 2 1/2 months with that method no matter the size of you space

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This, ill try in Ebb and flow, so its a total of around 2+9= 12 weeks? To harvest? Sounds epic.

Actually i think its the seed bank which effed up my expectations, they say auto flowers from seed to harvest in 60 days ( talk about stretching it LOL).

9 to 12 weeks seems like the bare minimum for a decent yield, which i think would be 1 OZ per plant atleast.

I aim for a 1/4 lb per

What’s your grow cycle time (vegging, flowering etc.)? Hydro or soil?

Trying to rush mother nature usually does not have the desired effects. But some push her anyway. Goodluck with your grows but do not expect great results pushing what they do not want. Starting early with clones cool. Have a perpetual going here. But to get proper ripening they are going to take as long as they want. If hurry them and they are weak smoke…blame only impatience.

From plant in room to harvest we aim for 2 1/2-3 months clone- harvest

That allows for 2-3 weeks veg/ establish roots

Grow in 7 gal container with coco

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