What's the prevalent fought on topping autos?

I did a search on this forum, the first two that came up, and the only two that seemed specific to the topic …one said do - one said don’t top ? (search ‘topping autos’)

My first set of Auto’s I topped once and they were fine, bushy and gave me about 3 ounces per plant at a height of around 3.5 to 4 feet

I have my second set which I will, or won’t top today, depending upon the input from this thread (drama)

…nah I’m just boning ya, I’m going to top them, I’m just trying to get a consensus on this subject …thanks in advance for sharing any stories and experience with topping autos


I can’t give any creditable opinion as I’ve never grown autos, but from what I’ve read LST is the way to go with them. With their short life cycle topping can stunt their growth too much, but it doesn’t sound like you had that problem. Im off for the night so will be interesting to see what people have to say about it, I wouldn’t mind growing a couple outdoors autos in the future so Ill be tuning back into this thread tomorrow :+1: