What's the ideal temp and RH

We’ve finally harvested and have begun the drying process. Is there a consensus for the ideal temp and relative humidity? @Myfriendis410 @dbrn32 @latewood @Hellraiser


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Room temp and 60rh at first. For the first day or two then just below room temp and 50%
Just a bit of airflow nothing cazy or your going to dry them out to fast.


@Nicky got you. #2 is my drying area. Normally in 50s but I gave the dehumidifier some rest. Day 3.

Back on. Best results I’ve had drying anyway are staying within the 50-60% range and upper 60s to low 70s.

#3 is flowering tent. Ignore that for current purposes.

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See a lot of people say 60/60, but I can rarely get there. I think if you can keep temp in the 60-70f range and relative humidity in 50-60% range you are doing pretty well.


Same here.


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Doh! I totally didn’t see the “Harvested and Drying” so nevermind :point_up_2:

58-62% RH. Temps 60-70. 70 is probably a goo dhappy medium.