What's the heaviest weight per plat you've harvested?

I guess the title explains the most of it… What’s the heaviest weight you ever harvested from an auto? Strain,and Seed bank.
I myself have only ever grown (with a decent harvest) bagseed. But I will be ordering soon, and I’m thinking there will be
West coast og


Six shooter

Tangerine dream


Big bud xl #1 x nl #5
I personally know someone that pulled 11 ozs off one six shooter. I would personally like to beat that.

Northern light auto, 8 ounces. Royal queen.

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Nice. How was the smoke?

I pulled right at 17 oz on my white widow per plant and one was 19 oz. On my critical mass i pulled a average of 22 oz per plant i grew 3 of each in a 4x4x6 grow tent this is wet weight and i still left some buds on each one to go to seed these were photo fem plants

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!@#$ yeah… Roberts genes?

The white widow is ilgm the critical mass is a heavy weight i think. I wasn’t getting big yeilds like this with led lights. I still think they are a couple years away from what the hps lights can do. Also this is comparing to expensive cheap Chinese Amazon leds to i even had 2 1500watt leds lights and they didn’t do what my 2 600w hps do. I’ve never got 60 gram nugs from a led light. My belief is that you really need to build a led i would like to compare the to. I’ve been in a couple warehouses in Colorado and they were using all mh hps or dual cmh lights. Hope this makes sense.


It does. And if it weren’t for heat I’d be running my sealed, air cooled 600 watt mh for veg and hos for flower, running the ballast on super lux. But heat here in Florida is a major issue when you’re always broke.

I just bought a bigger exhaust fan a 440cfm 6in fan and im staying at 83 to 88 degrees in my tent and i had a couple hot days of 95 when the heat wave was 108 outside. But hell i really can’t tell that happened didn’t mess up my grow but they were drinking a gallon of water almost every day

But after the heat wave passed every thing was good

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I think that’ll be my winter gear. All the ducts and fans are in place

I got a little over a lb. Dry weight on an east coast sour d x jack the ripper last year grew the same strain this year one is 11.5 ft tall and the flower is looking pretty good


High end LED’s blow HPS away. The controversy ended a couple of years ago. I have a set of lights that will be current for years.

Commercial operations simply can’t afford the initial expense of the fixtures.

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Quantum board?

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Holy shit! Got a pic of that monster?

I went DIY and used strips. But the QB’s are the same chips. Newest generation is a few lumens per watt more than mine now but I’m still way over what MH/HPS can do. With much less heat too.

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The top cola is quite as big as it was last year yet but there are several huge colas throughout the plant


Check out a nutrient called black magic it’s a seaweed mix worked great I didnt run it this year to see if it’s the strain or the nutrient


Some day… Money sucks though. I really like my hollandstar cob. Maybe because its my best led yet. But I had very nice results so far.


In fairness you can grow some good cannabis with LED’s still using older chips that are less efficient. That’s the chief savings for me: it dropped my electric bill pretty dramatically. There is far less wasted energy in the newer chips.


I don’t know. I ate it all …