Whats the future if all 50 states allowed personal grow?

Just spit balling here, currently 17 states and dc recreational. Does this means personal grow as well? In 17 states.

All 50 states, what would happen inside the numbers for states. If you grow, you arent hitting the places that sell it.

Potting supplies and nutes would still have demand.

Would permits be only source of revenue for some states? I dont know how that works from state to state.

Please and thankyou, never asked how many plants or paper work if any to grow.
Again, im in a not cool state, right now.

And please, no debates, just seeking ideas on the impacts. For me, never seen a dispensary, so tx may not be impacted on sales lose due to legalization. What states would be impacted if any by full legalization.

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I live in an illegal state. The chances of it becoming legal - recreational, medical, growing for personal use is very low. There is a saying about a snowball that applies. With that said, the only chance for this to change is if there is enough economic and business interests directed toward legalization to make the Assembly and Senate reconsider. If enough money can be made and taxes collected to decrease the tax rates applicable to the business and interests benefiting from legalization, then it may happen. Note I said nothing about public sentiment or desire. That type of representative governance went out the door in 2011 and with jerrymandering.
Given the motivation to legalize is an economic one, that aspect will be protected at all costs. The supporting industries need to make $$ and the state need to collect taxes in order to keep its promise to reduce the tax rates to those that are most underserving.
Not everyone has the space, $$ or desire to grow. And those that can will be limited as to quantity and distribution. There will be no open ability for individuals to transfer cannabis and its byproducts without being authorized and certified to do so. This of course comes back to fees and taxes paid to the state for the privilege.
Sorry for the cynical diatribe.
This is from a Forbes 2020 article
Tobacco giant Altria made a very public splash with its $1.8 billion investment in recreational cannabis in 2019. Since buying in, the company has been much more quietly trying to claim a long-term stake in the marijuana industry by patenting cannabis technology, public records show.

In late February of this year, Altria, the parent company of cigarette brands including Marlboro and Parliament, filed two patent applications for vaporizer devices specifically designed for cannabis, according to United States Patent and Trademark Office filings.

The company is also the current owner on two older vaporizer patents from the same inventor filed earlier and acquired through a sale, a company spokesman said. Those patents also specifically mention cannabis.

I am sure we are going down the wrong path here, also.
The politicians are going to put politics first. Large corporations are going to influence new laws so that they are in line for huge profits. Some legal states have tried to tax so much that the black market is still king of the hill.
I am certain that if The Founding Fathers of The US had to deal with this issue, common sense would rule out. And you would see the local farmers bringing their buds to the farmers market along side of their tomatoes, and it would be sold at the same sales tax rate as the rest of their produce.


I have a client/customer in chemical buisness who also owns a large state liscensed commercial recreational marijuana facility, and from what ive seen happening to him from both govt and investors brings me to conclusions that growing your own will be specifically outlawed.even though they already own most of the nutrient companies. The govt and its backers will monopolize this industry and quick as they already are before you will ever have a chance


Legalization and freedom should be one in the same. But I am afraid that too many people are willing to trade freedom for legalization.
Just look at how so many were willing to give up their rights and be lead around by the unknowing during Covid.

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Not looking at who is for and those that will oppose. Jobs in the industry got my melon do pondering on some of my questions.

Fact, lots of texans frequent colorado. If we had our own, obviously no need to venture to Co.


Cant have conversation without useless comments that have no bearing on thread. Sorry i even tried.

Jobs thread, get in front or be the one crying when yhe industry leaves you behind.

Ideas create opportunity for some that may have never saw it.
If i was young and good grower, ie… beds and breakfast…to buds and breakfast.

We are here to help fellow growers, no berate people. Bashing failed politians does not move this forum any closer to legalization.

Sorry, but your opening post reads more like what if than what about the jobs.
I am not against legalization at all. I have been to Denver and the dispensaries, very cool. I am happy that I can now legally grow in my state now, and it will be a couple more years before we have dispensaries. I have seen firsthand that there are a lot of job benefits.
But I wouldn’t put a lot of hope in the jobs angle though. The jobs that involves tending to the plants are very low paying, and the owners are the ones making the money. Same is true for your typical grow shop or head shop. When more and more states become legal the interstate travel and the B&Bs that you mention will be less common place anyway.

Its simply about thinking ahead in all aspects, except political.

Think about this, in the 70s, tx, a few were coming out, a few, new to a teenager for sure.  50 years later, see the progress or for some lack of.

Same kid, same thought then, wonder if mary jane will ever be legal in tx.

Here i am now, as mentioned, still wondering, but wait, there light at the end of the tunnel, 17 states have pushed ahead.

All 50 will someday be legal.

Please inform me please on some state laws and such. Heard , maybe Newguy84 say 12 plants max. Might have misread that.

Some 21 yr old finishing college loves to cook and grow might see Beds and Buds as their forte.

Ive retired, have nothing invested except good ilgm genetics. Amen

Nothing said was hurtfull. Just someone editting as they see fit,

Well, Canada legalized recreational weed in 2018. Nationally, we can have up to 1kg (2.2 lbs) dried at home, and a 4 plant per household grow. Possession of under an ounce is legal. But distribution was left to each province (think state) to look after.

British Columba has always had a lax enforcement of cannabis laws. Long before it was legal, we had dispensaries selling weed, cops would occasionally bust them, and they’d be open again the next day. Now, all legal dispensaries MUST get their weed thru a government distribution center. Everything is pre-weighed, pre-packaged. It’s really hard to find a place where you can SEE the weed you buy, let alone touch or smell it! Those days are gone.
We are hoping that changes. There aren’t opportunities for small craft growers to enter the market. With the BCGEU strike, they picketed the distribution centers. Government weed stores and local dispensaries started to run out of weed! People were starting to get laid off. I think the government realizes this now, and hoping they change it to allow dispensaries to bypass the centralized distribution model.
And not everyone who smokes weed will start to grow. Many will not have the space, the talent, the money, or the inclination to grow. So the government will still get its tax money. It HAS caused the prices to drop, which is a good thing if you are a consumer.
I only wish they would change the grow limit to 4 plants per person, not household!

@Mosca. No problem, but I do seem to have trouble understanding some of what you are saying.
@Spudgunner. I have not obeyed the stupid laws against or about growing since the 1980s, and see no reason to start now. My state also limits you to four plants. Also they want you to band your plants with an ID tag with your name and phone.
If I find it best to have 4 seedlings and 4 mature plants, that’s what I do. Be damn if I will put a tag on a plant that is in my house and I am the only one caring for it. But it is nice to know that this violations are just misdemeanors.


As I sit with 9 flowering plants in my tent, 2 just starting to flower outside (don’t know if they will make it to harvest tho, but I gotta give them a chance!), 6 cuttings off one of the ones from outside, and 4 other cuttings from my Death Bubba plant I just got back.

Good thing I gave 4 away to my neighbour, chopped one that hermied, and harvested 3 autos and 2 photos recently!

What, me worry?
Alfred E Neuman


When I was in my early teens. I loved Madd Magazine. I found it more high brow than the run of the mill comic books.
I now think the writers of that magazine where under cover stoners back then.

Yep, just look at our cartoons from the 70’s scooby doo and shaggy, speed buggy, mighty mouse, h.r. puffinstuff, etc. The list goes on


No, some states specifically elected to prohibit growing. Nevada is one of them. You cannot cultivate your own if you’re within X miles of a dispensary or some such nonsense.

The unfortunate reality is that stigma and misinformation is gonna run rampant until tests from multiple reliable sources have been done to prove the benefits outweigh the risks. It’s not any different than anything else that has swept the nation - skepticism, disbelief, resistance, understanding, and ultimately acceptance.

I hesitate to tread on this subject but it is a good analogy- think back to guns and gun rights. The way we think about 2nd amendment rights is a really new advent when compared against a lot of other rights in the constitution. From the moment the 2A argument became a right for all to bear arms, there was a lot of resistance. Fear of the unknown (what do we do if anyone can have a firearm?), laws to try to control the fear, mitigate the impact of 2A rights, and so on. Cannabis is much the same - the only difference is we can’t point to an ambiguous line in the Constitution and assert our right to cultivate or ingest weed.

I know it’s an imperfect analogy due to varying political stances etc, but the way it will unfold generally I believe is going to be very much the same. Corporate cannabis will be king. Unions may or may not have a large roll in helping workers make living wages. There will always be a handful of small cultivators throughout the nation but it will take ingenuity to stand out among the giants like Cookies and Jungle Boys. Even more so, once legalized anyone with a hand in horticulture generally can make moves - Scott’s Miracle Gro comes to mind.


Here in missouri my personal experience is this.
Its easy to get a medical card and i know many that have one and many users that dont half because it takes effort to apply and the other half because of the gun issues although i think most really fall into the dont want to make the effort to apply category. Most card holders i know dont/wont grow because of the effort required. Some have dabbled then quit because of the work involved not to mention the money needed to invest if ya wanna grow quality. Our local dispensary always has a full parking lot.

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It goes way beyond scotts and miracle gro

Hey @Mosca, Thats the 64000$ question. Don’t think any “Jobs” of value other than upper management/ bean counting will develop at this stage. Unless you have a in for a general manager type position I don’t know how it could be rewarding. If I was in my teens or twenties maybe, but most of us here (I think) have traveled to far in life to be some corporate slave without much chance of advancement. We had another thread about this, don’t remember what it was called.

Your OP didn’t mention the word jobs that I saw, if it did then my bad. The biggest issue for the future of MJ in all 50 states will be Decriminalization v Legalization. Words matter and decriminalization should be the only thing we as small artisan/ boutique growers accept. I don’t want some form of legalization favoring big money monopolies with heavy entry costs having a say in any of it. If that be the case there will be very little opportunity going forward.

Back to jobs, I don’t want a ‘Job’ in the industry. Job stands for Just Over Broke. No bueno to me. Your idea of an air B&B grow has merit. I live in a state you can grow 12 at your residence. I live in a part of that state that has a huge winery industry. They do wine bus tours where people board a little bus or limo and go from one vineyard/winery to the next, sampling along the way. I might be exploring that although truth be told the insurance would be exorbitant. Would also have to find growers to host and figure out how to monetize the sampling of different grows. Don’t know if I would want people seeing my garden IRL, so who knows. All I know is we shouldn’t give up on complete federal De-criminalization. Its the only way to be sure to create Opportunity, not low paying jobs.

Thats all i was trying to do, get you guys thinking outside the baggie. Box :laughing:

ie…buds and breakfast. Small grower offering Amsterdam menu as example.

I see a few swap meats, i see home made goods, soaps, lotions and so on.

Never knew there was so many cannabis products being made until this forum. Butter? Salves, dont forget the artsy peeps here.

I wired and automated grow rooms aftet yhe navy for alot of buddies to make few dollars, didnt care about growing.

We have led light builders. Just spit balling.

If i was 30…