What's the fastest auto on the markey... from seed to harvest . Also easiest to grow as well. What company has them as well?


Looking for some opinions o. The fastest …best genetic. From the most reputable seed bank(in peoples opinion…dont worry I do love my ilgm seeds !)


I know the RQS diesel auto and the zkittlez auto are suppose to be 9 weeks from seed to finish. I just dropped 2 of the Zkittlez to test. @Missiles has a RQS diesel going right now and is about half way through with it I think.

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As far as ILGM goes(these are flowering times):

52 days - Super Skunk Auto
55 days - Blueberry Auto
56 days - AK-47 Auto
56 days - Bergman’s Gold Leaf Auto
56 days - Cheese Auto
56 days - Girl Scout Cookies Extreme Auto
56 days - Gorilla Glue Auto
56 days - Northern Lights Auto
56 days - OG Kush Auto
56 days - White Widow Auto
58 days - Amnesia Haze Auto
58 days - Lowryder Auto

The owners of this forum (that are kind enough to provide it for us) would probably prefer that only ILGM seeds get discussed here…


@Missiles so can you post for us your pics of your rqs diesel you have going now ? I actually have a few of those myself. Also as many of you may or may not know I also have 4 ilgm super skunk autos going right now and are about 17 days from sprout as of right now . They look great to me but I’m a new grower so I still have a ways to go before I know if I’m doing it right or not . Lol .


Also have a question as to if it is wise to do autos in a 5gal dec setup ? Just thought I’d try it and do a comparison grow. Took my 2nd to least grown plant as the hydro tester. I thought it would be a good idea so I could kinda get my feet wet in both aspects of the soil and hydro growing mediums …any thought or suggestions ?

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I sure will. I’ll get you a picture in the morning as soon as lights come on. She’s not that big though she’s only about 12 days above soil :grin:

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Thank you mam ! I’m sure she is still a beauty. Also I have a question …if you know about dwc? I have it on my 18/6 timer as well ? Can it be off or does it have to run 24hrs as well ?


You’re very welcome :wink: I’m not too sure about dwc but a couple people might like @DoobieNoobie @Myfriendis410 or @Covertgrower :wink:


Thank you for the help and name drops . I’ll definitely keep them in mind from now on for q’s about my hydro grow .

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Not a problem at all. I may not have answers but I usually can lead you to the ones that will :wink: anytime you’re not sure just ask.


Here you go @Ncgreenthumber she is only 12 days above soil here. We will see if she’s a true 60-day plant or not :wink:

here is the first plant I ever grew it is a purple kush and it was a true 9 week Harvest. She is 64 days above soil in this pic


I can assist with basic questions, but far from an expert in this field. @Ncgreenthumber


I’ll help if I can and try to find someone if I can’t.


Just to be clear you can mention strains from other seed banks
But no links to competitors site or mention the name of seed bank refer to them using initials


@Missiles I pray she is from ilgm ??? Jesus she is was the stuff that dreams are made of !

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May I ask what how much she blessed you with after all was said and done ?

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I run my air pumps non stop. I would be ok it being on a timer going on and off constantly but would never want it off for that long at a time.

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About 2 ounces dry. She was good smoke though :wink: