What's the Difference between Air Curing and Air Drying and which method should I use to Dry my Harvest?

I’ve chopped the plants on Saturday, manicured the buds and removed the fan leaves.
I’ve then hanged them upside-down using bungee strings.
Dehumidifier on
Lights Off
Extractor Off
6 inch fan On not blowing on the buds.
Temp inside 26 degrees C without heater on.
Then I’ve double checked Grow Bible and found out something about AIR CURING
which completely confused me as this says that I should first AIR CURE for 6 weeks and then AIR DRY for 2 weeks on top of that ?
Most of people I heard finish it and jar it in 2 weeks.
AM I missing something here ?

I always dry at 60% RH and 70 degrees F and it takes a week to 10 days. I’ll then cure at the same temps and humidity in a Ball jar, which takes about 2 weeks.


@MidwestGuy just gave you the recipe for success.