What's the deal with this auto?

Critical auto 2.0 in 5 gallon fabric pot, ocean forest mixed with happy frog soil. It’s supposed to be a high yielding plant and pretty tolerant to beginner mistakes but despite looking happy it is just covered with popcorn buds all over.

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It generally looks happy. I think you lost the pheno lotto unless you’re into making bubble hash. What are you feeding her?

Last week I started grow big, big bloom, tiger bloom and cal/mag, (probably a little later than I should have).

I would say your flowering inputs were too late. Autos are tricky like that. You might already have a pot full of veg nutes when they start to flower but you can’t add other nutes for risk of burning them.

They could fatten up still. Looks like they have some time to go yet.
Are they getting enough light?
Are you checking light intensity?
Ppfd #'s
I’m just throwing out some possibilities.


You could figure out what week you are on and use this. If you did’nt already have one.

I was kinda leaning towards the lighting. I don’t know the numbers but I’m definitely under powered with 4 plants in a small tent. I think the brand is groplanner on Amazon. My front two plants are doing great and the back two plants are significantly shorter with smaller buds.

Yeah I used that chart and started on week 5 as recommended by other members on here.

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That plant is no where near done… Maybe half way if that. Early harvest is the biggest reason people get low yields with autos. Just keep feeding and watering and it will quadruple in size when ready.
Don’t go by the seed to harvest claims from the breeders. They are never close to the truth.


I think this is your main issue. A 2x2 space needs around 300+watts minimum for good flower production.
It also looks like the Ruderalis trait may be expressing it’s self more than desired.
*Assuming it is an auto.