What's the best way to harvest

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So I almost got all my notes down, everything I need to do in stages, one thing I don’t have notes on is harvesting.
Hang the plants upside down for couple weeks, is that about right?.

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Trim as you wish and dry for 7 to 10 days at ~70F and ~60% RH. If you trim tight, then the flower will dry a couple of days early. If you hang a plant, it will take longer to dry, as there is more plant material to dry out. They are sufficiently dried when the stems are close to snapping when bent. Some use a wood moisture meter to determine optimal dryness.

Once your flower is dry you will want to cure it. The curing process takes 3 to 5 weeks. Curing should be accomplished with the same temp/ RH referenced above. Some use Mason jars to cure and others use Grove Bags. Grove Bags seem to be the easier option.


I use a spare room walk-in closet to dry mine, I just put a few 6" fans for air movement. I trim off the main colas as a whole and use coat hangers with binder clips. Put about 3-4 cuttings per hanger to where they don’t touch. I know others cut the plant as a whole, that works as well. As far as temp, 55 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit (12.8-18.3 degrees C)is ideal, with humidity between 50 and 60 percent. General rule I use to determine if the bud is ready to be packaged for the cure, bend a branch, if a branch snaps-done. If it’s still bends without snapping, not dry enough. If you feel the bud getting too dry without the snap, then you can always jar them up and add a fresh trimmed leaf into the jar to moisten them up. Just change the leaf every few days until the bud is not as dry anymore.


best answer of the year if i do say so myself.

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Thanks for the tag community has you covered. I like to remove limbs from the plant to hang. Shoot for a slow drying process 7 to 10 days For best results.
65 to 70 degrees. Humidity around fifty. Follow up as mentioned with the curing process. Personally I like to cure in half gallon jars. Good luck :v: