What's the best way to germinate my seeds?

I need help first time actually buying seeds and I don’t want to mess them up what’s the best way

Best way varies by person…

I drop mine in water for 24 hours, I then pull out and put in a damp paper towel, which I then put in a baggy (ziplock, any sandwich type bag), I do not seal the baggie, it is just there to keep moisture in and prevent papertowell from drying up. And finally put in dark/warm place. I check them about every 12 hrs, re-wetting the towel if it seems dryer than I like. When I see about 1/4 to 1/2 inch tap root, I transfer to (Personal preference) a peat pellet, which is put under lights until it grows, then transplant, etc…

I am at about a 94% success rate. I know others vary in their metthods, so wait for a few more and pick what you would be comfortable with…


Ok thanks I just got 10 gl seeds from ilgm and put 3 in water for 24 hrs then put directly in soil on Tuesday they haven’t come thru the soil yet and I’m starting to get worried. Should I be?

Not yet
Did you put a dome over them?
What’s temp/humidity inside the tent?
Spray mist after planting seed?

I’ve been misting them twice a day and temp is 75 humity is a little low at 55 and I do not have a dome.

How deep did you plant?
A dome will raise the RH inside the area it’s covering.

I plant seeds directly in soil, no paper towels, no water for 24h, no dome. I’ve had great success with this method and a lot less headaches, just plant and walk away, check back in 3-4 days, done. I’d give your seeds a few more days, don’t panic I think you’ll be surprised.

Good luck with the grow :v:


Ok thanks for the info everyone

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1/2 cup of water with 1.5 tsp hydrogen pyroxide for 24 hours the extra oxygen in the pyroxide super boosts germ rates , I used to also paper towel them but ive found the transition to be to rough on the tap roots so I just plant them 1 finger nail deep spray 3 times twice a day and dome them with plastic cups

I know everyone will probably blow a gasket, but to prevent helmet head place ur tap root up, n gently cover with some loose soil. Ur tap root will grow downward n the top will grow up towards the light, removing the seed husk while doing so. Ur seed should be about 1/2" deep, n covered with loose soil. I’ll place a baggie over the top for humidity purposes, n spritz the baggie, n the seedling once a day, one squirt n done. Shouldn’t take but a couple days to sprout, hope this helps, good luck…:+1::alien:

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