Whats the best thing for mold during flowering plz help

Need something for mold i can use during flower ill need to be able to use it until i flush plz help someone cause i put ilgm mold shield and it has neem oil thank god my buds are still small hope they will be ok but need some advice plz im growing for my mom who has cancer so i can make her edibles so she can eat and enjoy a great high but worried about the neem oil it had in it but im not going to use it anymore but i need a good product for mold

I’ve heard a couple of tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide to a gallon of water and spraying them helps, but let me tag a couple who may know more on the issue…

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This is my plan if I ever have mold. Probably some slash and burn to keep it from spreading…

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I’ve been spraying 50/50 on my plant to combat mold a couple of table spoons won’t do diddly.

Also if you cut out the mold make sure you, it or the scissors don’t touch anywhere else until you sanitize or disinfect. It can spread very easily and quickly. You also need to fix what ever problem that’s causing the mold.

I dont know what to do im going to ask one of the ppl u suggested one guy gave me what he used but u can only get it in Canada but this forum wouldn’t let me msg till know where im new but you have tried helping the most so thank u this is my first year growing ilgm og kush super skunk and amnesia haze only 1 good og 1 good SS 2 decent ones 1 amnesia haze but most of its my fault i dont have a green thumb im used to bag seeds where you thru them out in the garden u pulled the males water every once in awhile and they would grow like crazy its so hard to grow genetics but since i can msg ill ask one or two of the ppl u suggested thanx again if you hear anything else about a good product just for the molds and fungus but what hurt my seeds was my dirt i started with i used ilgm food fertilizer the 3 steps and a bud booster it seems to work great i have to change my og into a 8 gallon tom

Its hot during the day 91 degrees during the day 69 at night mold is high on anything here i live in the south its humid bit this is the worst year its been this humid at night i get up every morning now and shake the water of my lil girls thats supposed to help do it rite before the sun comes up but im sure ill talk to good ppl like u and make it thru harvest the drying then curing im going to learn as much as i can with out being annoying :laughing:

Humidity is the enemy I’ve been fighting bud rot on one of my plants. I’ve cut away all the lower branches and all the little ones on the inside to let more air flow through. Also made sure the colas weren’t touching each other. I make sure I’m not transferring any spores to other buds or other plants. I keep alcohol and peroxcide handy to clean my hands and scissors.

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@kaptain3d Weren’t you successful knocking out mold with peroxide? Did you mix 50/50?


No mold here, yet. Weather is setting me up for it, though. Can the peroxide solution act as a mold preventative?

Sorry, just saw the tag for someone else.

I wasn’t successful :confused:
I wimped out and didn’t put enough peroxyde… :nerd_face:

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The peroxide / water mix will help but not cure.
Lost coast plant therapy or Safers defender can both be sprayed till just before harvest.


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