Whats the best seed for a cooler winter grow


I have Fem Durban Poison Auto / Fem Northern Lights Auto / Fem Pineapple TrainWreck / Fem West Coast OG Auto / Fem Blueberry Trainwreck / Fem Purple Kush Auto / Fem Girl Scout Cookies Auto / Fem Chemdog Auto /Fem THC Bomb Auto/ Fem GG#4 /Fem MK ultra / Fem Banana Kush / Fem Blue Dream/ Fem Sour Diesel/
What would be the best and most colorful seed to grow in a 55%-75% tent for winter


So did you just order every strain from ILGM :rofl::rofl: that’s a lot of choices and I like it.


OH ya, for got about the old ILGM stand-by the White Widow auto. "Anyone who picked that was disqualified ". The GG#4/BD/MKU/BK are all ILGM

Blue Dreams getting cut this week and GG#4/Durban P. are growing now. I may have more seeds than I have years to grow them even at 5 crops a year :clown_face:


Such issues… LOL


I’ll be watching


It looks like i’ll have to do research on cool weather plants and pick. Right now it looks like a banana kush and purple OG for a autoflower :clown_face: