What's the best lighting?

Ok so I have been using blurple LED lighting for almost 3 weeks now I see progress but feel there should be more. As of today I acquired a T5 light, 3 metal halide, and a high pressure sodium light what is the best for the highest growth and yield. I have all th he proper ventilation to run any of th er above so any feedback would be greatly appreciated

Use the T5 for starting seeds/clones and for the first week or 2 of sprout life. Then use metal halide for vegging, use the HPS for flowering.

Best to setup 2 areas, one for veg with the t5/metal halide and another for flowering with the hps, do a perpetual grow. You could use the blurple led to supplement the HPS with the flowering, adds a good amount of the red spectrum.

So area is about 4x8 and 8 ft tall 1 metal halide or 2? And was thinking for flower HPS in center and blurple on edges?

And also how many watts is good for the MH? The one I have now says 400 watt C/U?

To cover a 4x8 area would take at least 2 400 watt MH for veg. Yep on the HPS with the blurple on edges, Or you could go with HPS in the center and a couple MH on the sides for flowering, Or use all of them as 4x8 is a pretty big space. More light watts used generally equals more bud grown.

What kind of ballast do you have ? @Sheets84 Unless it’s capable of switching you can’t put a 1000 watt bulb in a 400 watt ballast but I would say 2 600 watt for a 4x8 tent if you are going with hid lights

The ballast says SS-1 HPS 600 so I’m assuming its ment for just HPS bulbs but can I run MH with that ballast?

Also seen I have a SS-HPS 1000 as well

If it has a switch to switch from hps to mh otherwise sounds like 1000 w mh and 600 w hps

So these ballast must be older lol no switch but I have looked up what to do it says use a MH conversion bulb that are made just for HPS ballast so I’m thinking that may be the option?