Whats the best kind of led grow light *bulb*?


I want to be able to use a bulb per plant and want to have a big yield and good weed ??? Would this work and would it be cheaper then other ways ??? I want atleast 10 plants… ? Advice please

How about these bad boys ???



@Nickrivard420 will you be running only these lights? Typically the more actual watts the higher the yield. And that’s actual watts. Yours say 40 watt, which may mean its actually lower. Most of us running LED lights are using 300w-1000w


K so for 6 plants how many of these would i need to get a high yield ? @VelcroThumb @dbrn32 @Donaldj @Countryboyjvd1971


@Nickrivard420 there are a lot more variables to consider. I think most growers would steer away from these, unless it was supplemental light. You should look at some actual LED full spectrum grow lights with veg and bloom switch. Lights are the number 1 thing you shouldn’t skimp on. This is an investment and you have to look at it that way. Your return will come further down the road!


Description says 40 watt equivalent, I don’t even want to guess what actual draw is.

I’m gonna guess that four of those bulbs would keep a single plant alive and growing. But it wouldn’t yield much at all. What’s your idea of a high yeild?


@Nickrivard420 these will grow something, but they won’t grow very much. It’s just not enough light. Your yields will be significantly impacted. We could farther assist you if you let us know what your budget is for lighting?


I specialize in HID lighting am just dipping my toes into LED world


Using LED manufacturer math, I’d say they are 7 watts at most. 28 watts would grow one scrawny little autoflower a couple of feet high and taking up one square foot. Maybe an ounce of dry buds? COB kits or Amazon grow lights are probably a better deal if you want more product. 50 watts per square foot to flower, and make sure you find the actual power draw from the wall. Manufacturers vastly over inflate their wattage ratings. I had that with my last indoor grow and got about 7 ounces dry.


@VelcroThumb this is what im using now

Everythings goimg pretty good but i want a light for veg and a light for flower and i want more plants so i domt know what to do lol advice ? Anyone @Donaldj @dbrn32 @Covertgrower


@Nickrivard420 my only question is did you want to stay HPS/MH or did were you looking to change over to LED? A lot of LED’s you can use for veg and flower. What are looking to spend for lighting? You could do a DIY led kit, or a ready out of the box. Heading to bed, I’ll check this tomorrow.


Im not really sure because im movimg in a few weeks and i will be growing in a basment with no windows 4 concret walls. so i wont really be able to set up an exhaust system . And the basement leeks a bit of water so its really damp. I domt know what o should do.




Interesting so in other words cold and damp sounds like HID lighting would work there


Moving can be expensive. Personally I’m an LED fan because they produce more light for the money in my opinion. Leaky basement will work, be sure to get a dehumidifier for flowering. If your moving, I wouldn’t worry about it for now. I’m not sure how soon you’re planning. As long as you have fans going and odor isn’t a problem a basement is a great place. @Nickrivard420


@Covertgrower thanks man and should i get a tent or build a little hut or can i leave them righr in the basememt ?


It’s really going to depend on if you need to warm and dry space if so HID’s do that quite nicely @kabongster I believe has to run his from time to time during winter I use mine to heat a 16’x10’ shed in minus 20 with about 700watts running at any one time


@Donaldj holy shit thats crazy !! And ya its about -20 where i live. Maybe hid would be a better idea for me in a basement


Amazon sells shade ballast and 2 bulb packages for around 150-200 the shades and bulbs alone are worth nearly that if bought separate. My lights are Different being LEC’s they are more pricey but I grew with 400-1000w for years the usual issue is heat but in a basement that can actually be what you will need in a tent or small room LED’s may work awesome but cold and damp you want heat to dry and warm area


@Donaldj thanks man makes sense! Ill stick to my hid light but i dont think my landlord wont like the electricity bill:/ how many plants u think i could grow with 2 -400 watt hid lights?? Lile good high yield


This is the light i have now @Donaldj

Might get another one of these or maybe ome.of.these