Whats the best grow tent to use for first time indoor soil grow

will this work?

I like the Vivosun tents, they seem to be sturdy for heavy use.

It depends what you’re trying to accomplish. How many plants do you want to grow, using what training methods, what lighting, etc. You could do 3 maybe 4 plants in a tent that size, if trained right. Or one big plant.

Didn’t see it was divided, sorry…36 x 36" large part, I wouldn’t do more than 2. But with the different divisions, you might be able to run a perpetual setup, one plant in each space, veg in the smallest, flip it to flower in the second, finish in the third.

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A free one would be best! Next in line would be a super cheap one, then a good one and finally… the best you can afford. The best thing to do is do a bunch of searches on the internet for reviews. Things change in the gear world. Know the space you can occupy, think about the light proofing and vent portholes. Think about the zipper quality and light leaking. Think about the light you plan to hang and filter/fan and if the structure will hang it. Do your research, nobody here is gonna spend your money, nor do they have experience with all the tents. Good luck and choose wisely grassgrower.


That tent will work fine. @MattyBear uses one to great success. I have 4 tents now. The first I got was inexpensive and part of a kit. The inlet/outlet ports are flat and need Velcro to keep closed. Plus when I add an exhaust for my fan I had to buy an adapter real pia. I have two smaller tents. One for veg and one for drying. Both of those tents have a collar type access ports that I much prefer. I just purchase a 4x4 with some gift $. I won’ use it until I get more lighting. I recommend that you look at where, how many and the size of the access. Then imagin your set up and how you will run your cords and venting.


I use a 4x4x80” TopoGrow Tent. I don’t worry about any light leaks since I leave the door wide open. I actually did stand in it when su first got it and zipped it up to look for leaks. There wasn’t many small micro leaks.

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Vivosun is what I have, good quality, not sure if it’s worth the extra money for the gorilla tents.

Actually I have three different sized tents

I think small light leaks are more of a myth than anything. I mean theres a moon right? And Ive seen some pretty good bud grown near street lights? So… a couple small holes? A little red light on a dehumidifier? Maybe but id like to see a few blind studies to prove that.