Whats the best food for my plants its my first grow i wanna make it right

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

Whats the best food for my plants its my first grow i wanna make it right

That’s a hard question to answer all depends on budget and weather you wish to grow organic or use chemical fertilizers
Ilgm offers nutrients and has a starter pack in seed shop

Fox farms nutrients is a good line and many of or members use it they have both organic and chemicals in thier line up

Nectar for the gods is another good line thats organic but to get best results youll need the full line
They had a starter kit available that will get you going theres a few members here using it

Im personally using Remo nutrients right now which is not organic

You can also mix your own soils there are recipes on a few of the threads

So you have many choices
And from my experience youll do well with any of the above product lines


Fish Emulsion is found at all garden centers and hardware stores(Lowe’s, Home Depot)
Affordable and safe.
Amazon and Ebay have lots of nutrient listings. 3 part sets are the most common. These can be had for as little as $30.
Always start very low…following the mfg’s schedule will get your burnt plants.
Start at 10% and increase slowly. too much one time will kill everything.

I have been using sensi grow and bloom a & b. Not organic but they are ph balanced and I have never had any burn ( crossing my fingers).

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I’m a house and garden type of guy. I absolutely love it. I use the coco recipe. Plenty of additives to go with the a+b. Never have any problems. And cal mag is never a concern, even though I grow in coco.

Well, heck…you already have a nute. Is it doing the plants good? If so, stick with it.