What's the best dirt for low maintenance grow?

I don’t actually care how good the dirt is, I want a very low maintenance setup. This will be a second grow, and I intend to have way too much fun with the first plants to deal with the daily adjustments I was doing with the DWC grow for the first time. Maybe in 2-3 more grows when I can function stoned I’ll re-investigate hydro, but for now, I want super easy.

This will be indoor, I have basically everything I need except dirt and dirt food once they are ready to move into a larger pot. I plan on letting 1 plant fill a 4x4x7 tent with a double scrog screen, low screen to spread it, and will tie plants to the higher screen for weight support (unless that’s a stupid idea).

Fox farm ocean floor will carry your plants through a typical veg period without adding nutrients but you will start adding it once your in flower or around to 1000 ppms coming out

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Sounds wonderful, how large of a pot should I put it in when I move from seedling to pot? Can I go from the 2 inch seedling cube to a 5 gallon or whatever pot, or should I move it to an intermediate 1 quart or whatever pot?

I would go solo cup to either 3 gal to 7 gal or 1 gal to 5 gal.


I went straight to a 5 gallon once the leaves reached the outside of the cup. I know some people like to go up slower in pot size but I haven’t done that before


Totally agree with u the less transplanting the better. Less stress more grow time.


Thank you, straight to 5 it is.

If you are looking for easy, check out this super soil grow.


If you want low maintenance, I recommend doing what I do. This will also help ensure your plants don’t get too many nutrients when they are too young to handle them.
My plants start out in a section of Fox Farms Light Warrior, a nutrient-free soil. Next, the roots grow into a section of Fox Farms Happy Frog, a medium-nutrient soil. Finally, they grow into Fox Farms Ocean Forest, a nutrient-rich soil.


Can that just be started in a 5 gallon pot like that then, or do you still seedling it in the yellow and do your 1 transplant into the big pot?

Some people start their seeds right in their final destination, but you will find that most people (myself included) start in a small cup and then transplant. This allows you to have much better water control. But, both methods work.

Some people let their seedling grow until the leaves reach the edge of the cup and then transplant it. I have found that when it gets about 2 inches high, maybe 1 or 2 sets of leaves that it experiences no stalling of growth when it is transplanted. It seems to not bother the seedling one bit at that stage. I will probably move this to a 5 gallon pot tomorrow.


Once it is moved to the 5 gallon pot, I still cover the seedling with its humidity dome (just set it right on top of the dirt) until it is a little more established.


Thank you. This will help a lot.

Promix and gh is all you need you can add some things to it if you want but those 2 things and a good ph meter and your set ! What’s your light source?


Got a all spectrum blurple led and a QB something(4500?) for flowering only. Love the QB and will replace the blurple when I can afford it for a veg only QB and keep the blurple all spectrum as a backup in case one of the QB’s dies during a grow once I get set up for a perpetual harvest. (need a second tent for that though).

Both are 1k watt leds, so plenty of light.

Check out supersoil on this site or search kind soil.

I’m new what’s gh

general hydroponics brand

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This is such a good idea ,I’m going to try it. Thank you

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I have new seeds coming. I like the idea of doming.
I put my first batch outside. Squirrels got them all, but 1 after germinating.
Not much outside light coming indoors.
Will using a dome on top and grow light be sufficient?

I just did this as well. But I used my own base then the Happy Frog then some seedling soil. Good to know I’m on the right track at least lol.

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