What's the best commercial potting soil?

Just wondering if Fox Farms Ocean Forest is worth using? I don’t want to have to add liquid fertilizer. I’ve read that it has enough nutes to get plants to flowering stage.

That’s what I’m using and found out the hard way that it is a little too" hot" for seedlings.I had to flush it really good before trying the second time and had much better results,I would suggest seedling starter first then transfer to ffof if that’s what you wanna use

Read something about layering soil what s your take on that getting ready to Transplant was thinking of using ff at bottom of pot and MG moisture control on top… also is there a big difference if u grow in white pot or black pot…thkd

Well there is a guy on here who uses nothing but mg moisture control and does pretty damn good with it so I was gonna use that on my next grow cause apparently it helps with over and under watering,and that is the problem I have right now with my experience level.dont really know about the pot color,I’m not that knowledgeable yet

Thks leaning toward MG also

I layer my soil , fox farm ocean forest on bottom layer and roots organic mix with coco coir and perlite on top and it revived my stressed plant . But if your soil is hot or nutrient release , you won’t your roots to grow into as the plant grow , not plant seedlings straight into it .

I am useing fox farm. I have had no problems with it I have even started clones and seeds in it. I did add a lot of perlite in the pots I use.

I used MG potting soil last year for my outdoor potted plants. I think my pots were a little on the small size as the plants didn’t get but 3 or 4 ft tall. I’m going to try one in the ground this year. Dug a huge whole and going to fill it with MG before I plant. Also, I used a seed starter at the top of the MG and planted my seeds directly into the pots. This way I didn’t have to transplant them. Even so, with only 3 WW’s last year, I had enough yield to last six months.

I have read other postings on this site that white buckets can leek light down to the root zone. I personally do not know but I always use black pots. Lots of luck and keep it green.

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So black buckets is better than white .

This is absolutely not true. Foxfarm Ocean forest si a solid Organic potting soil for Marijuana; However; It is not capable of providing enough nutrients to grow plants to their full potential. You will have to buy nutrients to achieve maximum yield. :slight_smile:


Would FF Bloom be enough? Trying to stay organic

In general; It is advisable to start adding nutrients to Fowfarm soil in the Bloom phase. I would say go for it. Read what Foxfarm says. Post back here; Will be glad to look over any info specific to this question, you find

What would you suggest using in bloom?

Is fish emulsion fertilizer any good?

I used fish fertilizer in the veg stage and my plants took off ! Do not use it in flowering as it has too much Nitrogen and will cause a lot of problems with flowering. Fish fertilizer is great when you use it correctly.

I would suggest you buy Foxfarm nutrients; Whether you need th3e Veg nutrients is up to you. Make sure you buy something that provides a full spectrum of M-P-K

A fellow grower says:

I was just going to use it for bloom cycle. Do you think it would be enough? If so any suggestions?

I think this is a choice you make for yourself. Make the call; Learn from it, and gain experience. I think you will be OK.

Is foxfarm nutes good or should I buy nutes from ilgm.