What's the best and easiest and cheapest hydro system for someone who has 0 experience in Hydro

Is @Grandaddy013 going to fold?


Will he raise @Bogleg?

You are both seasoned growers and can be a positive influence for newbies.

Mind, I do like a face-off.


Those are a good bit bigger than the bonsai.

This was a 2lb plant


@xxpain4uxx - have you come to any conclusions?

Hell, I ain’t gonna fold. I’ll call his bet and raise him 12 colas.:grin:


lol - @jackowhee isn’t fully aware of all of our banter. :slight_smile:

Give me a few months, I’m going for 25 clones after hunting season, and if that works out, maybe 36 after that.

You have to admit, the bonsai is pretty cool, even if it isn’t an “economical” way to grow.


Yes it is.

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Purr-feck response from both of you

Yes, it is.


yes sir I have decided to do the Tub @peachfuzz could you tag me in your hydro thread Im gonna go totes like you. For now til I can Afford a nido system I guess ill have to just put in the work. Thank you.

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ahh… thankyou, all my ppms are wrong. :crazy_face:, im just going off the plant though. :grin:. all good… so they are at 510 ppms not 720…


You should tag @xxpain4uxx into your thread …
You have lots of good info on your build in there… :+1::wink:

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yeah, I really should. hang on.:grinning:


Hello Mr O’Whee.
how does your garden grow ?
Il y a longtemps que je n `ai pas eu de tes nouvelles

Shamus amongst the Welsh Hill Tribes

Shamus Riptitter

Yes, it has been a while.

I got a fair crop from the Kumioni using a big tank and Kratky+air bubblers+ water heater. The third harvest of the year is about 4 weeks off.

I’ll update my thread sometime soon.

Stay well, my friend.


Mr J
is the Kumion a fab puff ? and did your home grown baccy work out as you hoped.
I had a shite season , I lost nearly a dozen Afghan and Hindu Kush seeds that failed to sprout and so I went for Bergmans Gold Leaf Auto that performed just like it says on the tin. I am a week from harvest and the gal is bud laden and smells like heaven.

Jimbo Busting-Tits,

Try this.


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Hows this newbie doing with his bonsai 3 branches i already pulled a few clones off of broken branch here are the last 3

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