Whats roberts take on lolipopping and how

Will lollipopping plant take away from plant? Seems to me that taking bottom branches and leaves off will hamper the growth of plant that needs light to get buds to be fully loaded. This seems just like pruning, to rid of popcorn buds.
Can I take branches and clone them, seeing they are branches now.
They are not yet flowering, but will be starting soon. I live in upper midwest USA and days will get shorter soon
thanks for any input!

Sure you can clone anytime !

  • good luck

Check out @ktreez420 thread on scrogging a 2 month old plant. The pics there will show you how much it slows down a plant to lollipop it. Lol! I’d ask him for tips on lollipop

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Correction, SCROG a 2’ tall plant, is the thread I was referring to.

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You’re also right though @Blountville haha, she was about 2 months old when I started the SCROG as well, I should change the name of the thread to, SCROG a 2 month old, 2’ tall plant!

Honestly, I just !@#$ around and experiment. Some would probably say it’s unnecessary, I say it’s a learning experience and how else would we learn new things other than to try?

As far as lollipopping @prt420 that was the first true lollipop I had ever performed on a plant. It really hurt me inside to do it too haha! I always some what lollipop every plant though, because I don’t want little popcorn buds taking nutrients and energy that my bigger buds would like. It all comes back to personal agenda and preference. Monster plants are grown without any pruning, and they have excellent quality. It goes both ways really. Me personally, I like to prune SOME leaves and branches from any plant I grow. Just makes sense to me. Watch some videos and you’ll really get a feel for it.

I’m the same way. Keep experimenting, I love watching!

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