What's my plant doing? It doesn't seem to be growing

My only suggestion for WPM, is to maintain air flow, monitor Relative Humidity, and apply hydrogen peroxide regularly (about every few days) before lights out. Neem oil is effective for a short period of time as well, but not recommended for use in flowering.

I have not found something that I’ve used that prevents it, but I’ve read some fungicides do. I haven’t tried any of those yet.


Well, I think it was only on a couple of fan leaves, mostly in areas that got slightly less airflow from fans. If I was going to use H2O2, how?

I think the plant is making good progress recovering from my silicon adventure. pH is behaving and PPM is in the right range.


and I dug out the 105mm micro lens and dslr, and got this.

I blame the brown tips on … my silicon adventure. Yes/no?

This is nearly 3 weeks of 12/12, what does anyone have to say about the progress?

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Today’s photos. Maybe it’s just me but it looks like she’s recovering (some ways to go yet).


Today’s photos.

First, should I do anything to decrease the number of flowers? There’s a lot of them (generally, this is a good thing :slight_smile: ) @Covertgrower @spyonyou

Anyway, I had to start dosing pH UP, as the nutes were drifting down (not up anymore)… but it’s been steady without any dosing for 24h. I think everyone had recovered from the silicon adventure. My nerves are still a bit shot though.

I trimmed a bunch of lower fan leaves that seemed to have WPM on them. I also had to adjust the net pot — it had gone off-center a bit and looked like it might fall in to the bucket. That’d be bad.

Today is 24th day of 12/12.


I would defoliate some of the larger leaves, especially if it’s blocking flower sites. Some of the under canopy could be cleaned up.
Looking good for sure though, above comments were directed to keep the larf down. It’s not fun to trim.


Is there a rule of thumb about how far away from the top of the plant my HLG 320xl v2 rspec should be? @dbrn32 ?

Use the back of your hand. Heat usually isn’t a problem with diodes, but it is a good rule of thumb. If you can’t take the heat, your plant won’t fair any better.

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Today’s pictures. Finally looking like a plant in flower :slight_smile:

pH definitely continues to drift down. I checked the pH up solution at lights out and lights on, and there was a fair bit of pH up adjustment overnight.


Top view


I like to stay around 18". That isn’t a hard number, just seems to be good balance of coverage and intensity.


When do I start seeing the little tendrils sticking out of flowers?

I need to trim to remove the flowers that don’t have a chance??

Yesterday’s photos:

Today’s photos:


Today’s photos. Still no stigmas, but growing. Fingers crossed it’ll work out ok.


Also, in case anyone is still reading this thread :slight_smile: , I’ve now determined that the strain is “Raspberry Glue” not “Raspberry Kush” as I had been saying.

I don’t think this changes anything really, but fwiw.

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I think I’m starting to see new stigmas (after my ArmorSi issue seemed to affect stigma production). Maybe. What do you think?

In case you’re reading here and not there, there was a discussion about what the heck happened…

An older bud, seemingly showing some sigmas (apologies for the iphone-through-loupe photo, I have a microscope on order).

A newer bud, mostly or entirely grown after the ArmorSi issue, seems to show more.


You may be right. Fingers crossed. Good luck.


I’ll be continuing to follow along. I’m not seasoned enough to offer much more than moral support. :metal:


Set to watching and things are looking better! :sunglasses::v::call_me_hand:

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Here’s the first ?usable? image from my microscope:


I haven’t figured out a good way to take a good photo with this thing yet, but maybe this tells experts something?


I can’t remember if you pulled a calyx off to see if anything is inside it…

I did.

Here’s what you’re looking for, I think, though