What's my plant doing? It doesn't seem to be growing

Should I prune these damaged leaves (they’re original leaves from the clone when I got it)?


You can. Since new growth is coming on strong. But id leave them and let her use them up.


Wow! It’s amazing how much these plants grow in 5 days.


Before anything gets to flower, I’ll have my HLG 320W XL QB V2 R spec light up & running.

… and the re-ship is being returned to sender as undeliverable as addressed too. Yikes, argh! (I sent an email to ILGM), but am curious what the general advice is now.

Earlier issues resolved, I just wasn’t patient enough. Updated details below & questions :slight_smile:

-What strain, Seed bank, or bag seed (photo or auto) Raspberry Kush, Feminized (allegedly)(not auto)(from clone)
-Age of plant/what week of flower 21d since planting clone
-Method: Hydroponics, DWC
-Vessels: 8" netpots

  • PH = 5.9 (Milwaukee pH controller w/10:1 diluted pH Down)
  • TDS = 980 (Bluelab TDS meter, tap water=150, not RO/DI water)
  • General Hydroponics, Flora 3-part
  • Hydroguard
  • GH Armor Si (not dosing currently)
  • **GH CalMag **
    -Indoor, basement, large area but dark
  • LED light, HLG 320W XL QB V2 Rspec
    -Actual wattage draw of lights 320
    -Current Light Schedule 16/8
    -Light 21" above canopy
    -Illuminance meter reads 38klux at canopy
  • Ambient Temps; Constant ~71
    -Humidity; Constant 53% (range 52-54%)
    -Ventilation system; Vivosun 720cfm & Charcoal filter on exhaust
    -AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier, no
    -Co2; Yes, No no

If growing Hydro some additional questions:

  • DWC
    -Distance of liquid below net pot (DWC) 1"
    -Temperature of reservoir 70.8 (+/- 1.5)
    -TDS = 980 (Bluelab TDS meter, tap water=150, not RO/DI water)
    -Amount of air to solution Two bubblers

Sooooo… I think I need to learn some patience, 'cause the plant has only been growing for ~3w, but … does everything seem on-track? See photos… someone hold my hand here please :wink:

If this is 3w since planting the clone, when is it time to start training the plant w/the trellis (baby steps, but I want to try to optimize some)?
When switch to 12/12 (a week from now? five? Depends on what you want to do?)

Does anyone have a link to a good set of pictures of parts of the plant, etc.? So I can recognize things? Like “pre-flowers”?


Just a beg for thoughts on how I should be feeling, or what I might be doing next @Hellraiser @PurpNGold74

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The plant looks good for 3 weeks. Looks like it’s ready for a topping or LST or some form of training.

I normally top my plants so I’d top it now above the 4th node, which will give you 8 branches (2 per node) and then let those branches grow for another 3 weeks or so and then flip into flowering. You can use the net to separate and support the branches (like I generally do) or go all out with SCROG and spread out the branches under the net and let the grow tips come thru the net.

Female preflowers on left side, male preflowers on right side


Here’s what the whole plant looks like, numbers for reference.

Here’s what the top looks like. I’m bending down the branch above #4 in the bigger pictures.

Note that this plant started as a clone of an unknown plant, but allegedly Raspberry Kush.


  1. Pictures, including the one showing sexes above, always show the main trunk and two branches growing off of it - a node. Note that this plant isn’t doing that. The branch (with a fan leaf) and the um… center of the three … and the main trunk. Look at the closeup, above or below #5.
  2. How many nodes do I have? Did I count approximately correctly? At lower parts of the plant things get confusing (to me).
  3. If I were to top, where? If I were to FIM, where?
  4. If I’m going to LST ScROG, what parts do I bend?
  5. Are the little nubbins you can see in the #6 box preflowers?

Thanks for the help!

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  1. Yeah looks much different with sexually mature clones, the alternating nodes throw it off.
  2. Yes you counted correctly, 6 nodes.
  3. If I was going to top that plant, I’d cut it between node 5 and 6, or wait a bit longer and top just above node 6. For FIM, you would want to make the cut that on the topmost growth tip as that is where the new growth will come from.
  4. For LST you would just tie the top of the plant over, which makes the branches really take off (kinda like topping) but lots of ways to LST and I really don’t do any of that.
  5. I’m not seeing any preflowers yet, may just be too small for me to see, I see stipules but this chart may help you with preflower identification if you can see any.



:point_up_2:t5::point_up_2:t5::point_up_2:t5:@hellraiser knocked that out the park.

Those things will give u false pistil vibes every grow man. Still too soon. Is that the same plant from start of thread tho!?! She look ALOT happier :wink:


Yea, same plant!


Ok, so… do I see bract & style or no?

4w1d since planting the clone.

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Not sure what’s going on in that picture, like 2 snakes coming out of a crevice or something, never seen a preflower look like that.


I’m much less experienced (read ‘zero’) at making sense of what these plants are doing, but it seems like my picture above looks a bit like female pictures at How to Tell Sex of Cannabis Plants (with Pictures) | Grow Weed Easy.

On the other hand, maybe I need to sit tight and wait. Soooo hard to do.

Currently planning on transition to flower in 2w. Anyone want to suggest a different schedule?

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12-12 gets it done for me. If it aint broke….

Autos or Photos?

Also can u try to switch the angle on that pic? Like @Hellraiser said… looks like a snake growing out ur stem to me too. Haha

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Allegedly Raspberry Kush, photo.

I’ll take a better picture.

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So…… will I be ready to switch in 5 days?


How should i encourage buds where the big fan leaves are blocking things. I’m trying to just hold them a little out of the way, but I wonder if I should do something else?

Just cut the huge ones that are blocking :wink: :arrow_up: I can see female pistols in the closest picture


Like, cut the whole large leaf off (I thought that was a no-no)? Or just part of it?