What's is it with the weed in LA


Was in LA, a few years ago visiting friends with the family. Had a boys night out with my nephews and one of the lads with us pulled out a bag of beautiful flower. I’m no spring chicken and have enjoyed some quality in my life, but this was something I’ve never had or seen in my life, not even in Amsterdam
I had to be nosey and ask what it was, and the lad says it’s a Jungle Boys wedding cake. Before coming home I had the chance to sample a little more of LA’S finest. God I wish I lived there.

Anyway I would just love to know, is it because its legal there that they have/grow the best weed I’ve ever seen in my life, or is it just different seeds/strains or genetics,

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Probably all of the above. Growing there got a big head start on many other states. :slightly_smiling_face::+1:


I have family in Humboldt County , I agree with @Bulldognuts They have a big jump on other state’s before they ever thought about becoming friendly.


Pretty sure that grower is on Neptune seed bank I’ve seen some of their strains before


Yeah they do have great bud. Some of it is the fact they have optimal conditions most of the year. I have a long time friend who grew out in California and he would send us some really solid bud. It’s really dangerous in certain parts of California to grow. I had a friend from highschool that got killed in California over his grow. He had acres and acres of beautiful crops. There is a price to be paid for it. There are many people who lost their life up in those mountains after trimming bud or growing bud. Also, California had medical marijuana laws before a lot of places. Which means the quality of the bud had to match the price, and now? The quality has to be the same if not better because so many people grow. It’s a consumer benefit but profits are down for the average grower. My buddy would drive to Cali once a month and people would be coming out of the mountains selling lbs for 500$ of good bud. That was 3 years ago. I’m in Florida and the bud is good, but i’ve had better from Cali and Maine to be honest.


I totally get that. But they got nothing like that in Amsterdam either, they’ve been at it for decades haven’t they.


It’s illegal to grow in Amsterdam FYI. All product is black market with a large Mob influence. Different critter entirely from L.A…


I’ve never been to Amsterdam , with more states an country 's Becoming cannabis friendly weed should be better everywhere.


I never knew that, I just thought as they have smoke shops it must be legal. Understand what you mean though. As you say, a total different ball game isn’t it.
Thank you.

I wouldn’t live in California again no matter how good the weed is


Its really the climate , and the volcanic dirt, some microbes and walah !

California is just the mob with a different name; but same game. They have priced people out. If they know you are trying to grow bud they make it impossible to make money. Between the state, cities and townships it’s crazy. You can grow bud just as good where you live. There’s people i’ve seen with pictures of their bud and i would put that up to test with Cali bud. Ambition has a lot to do with it as well. People playing with different strains/crossing them. For medicinal and recreational benefit. Trying to perfect it for more than just profit. In my opinion that’s why certain areas have “stronger” bud than you might find elsewhere.