What's in your teas?

I’m doing 1.5 cups mushroom compost, 1.5 cups EWC in a strainer bag. 3tbs molasses and 3 tbs liquid seaweed. 3 gallons RO water 24hrs.
In mid veg.
Just want to see what others are brewing up


3 cups worm casting, 3 tblsp unsulphered molasses, 12 ml cal mag. In collected rain water. (5 gallons) 48 hr bubble. Its all my plants get.


5 gallon p’hed water 3 tablespoons molasses 1/2 fish poop cucumber peels from 3 -4 bananas peeled and cut up, 1/2 dry veggie fertileter 2-2-2 worm poop 1/2 cup stir bubble toil and trouble with air for 3 days. Toss soilds into your outside garden Now use it for recharge soil and boost veggies ,weed my brother gagged when he smelled@TheBadHaggis @tylersays @Graysin @Thatbaldguy @noddykitty1 kitty1 @peachfuzz @Putz @Newt @Vahillbilly


I use 2 cups worm castings 3 cups of leaf litter from my compost pile 3tbps of unsulphured molasses and sense i use Earth Dust dry amendments depending if im in veg or flower ill use a couple tbsp of either the base or boost as well brewed for 24hr