What's in a name?

Hey everyone.
I’ve been doing a lot of research about naming strains. For instance, Hazes are sativa and sativa dominant hybrids while Kush is Indica and indica dominant hybrids.
I have a certain breeding in mind and I’ve been thinking of names. I could go basic and go with “Lemon Pepper Haze” or I could go with like a celebrity name.
What are your thoughts?

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You breed a new strain and you can name it anything your heart desires.


Welcome to the community @Brokexnxcyde good choose
I had on my list to order strawberry banana is sativa

I never growing just indica dominant but i want

Now i think you research don’t explain to good just for example
I growing autoflower that is hybrids because is 60% sativa and 40% indica so for just future reference just look for any strains that you will love can be sativa dominant more “euphoric” or some indica dominant more “relax”

Happy growing :metal::green_heart:

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Well. I’m a major fan of Pink Floyd. So. I was thinking of naming it Roger Waters. And it’s going to be a sativa dominant strain.

War dog


Or Money. Or even Part 2 in homage to Another Brick in the Wall Part 2. This is why I love getting ideas from other people. Some people just think better than I do. :grin:

Dark sarcasm

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See, genocide is too dark for me. The strain is meant to be uplifting, like euphoric energy. But i’m not into the bubbly pop crap.

Who cares it’s what sells. Genocide will sell

Sounds too much like a kitchen spice or a shade of color. I’m currently working on a personal strain. It will be called Kyhoms. A nod to Pink Floyd which was playing in the background the first time I got high…


Glad i’m not the only one with a homage to Pink Floyd!

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