Whats ilgm got thats like green crack

Plz i like the reviews i see from the green crack but notice ilgm dont have green crack.
Do they have a strain thats close to or similar plz

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Yo have you checked out AMS seeds ilgm sister website. They have green crack i believe and a bunch of other strains different then ilgm @number1fan

Actually, ILGM does have Green Crack.



Awsome thanks. I aint been able to find it. Ill check the link.

@StonedBlind thanks heaps. Just checked them out. Wonder how long there been available. I spoke to claire bout these beans 6 months back and weren’t available.
Ill be grabbing a bag of these. Heard great things bout the green crack.

I don’t think they’ve been available long.
They have updated with several new straigns…
Maybe we’ll get some auto updates soon. :slight_smile:


Check out the fem seeds, they added more strains. I ordered the purple haze and sour desiel.


Green Crack is one of favorites! So happy to see ILGM is stepping up their game and getting more seeds in stock! Great job guys! Thank you @ILGM_Support!


Wow ILGM is getting some awesome strains. Gonna have to save up

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Have not looked as yet , but do you have LSD 25 or similar

Is it sad that when I’m bored, I check the seed shop to see if they got something new?

This is the second time in as many months that they’ve added new seeds.

That is awesome, and as a repeat customer, it is great knowing they are doing well, and expanding.

If they don’t add some autos soon though, they are going to make me switch to photos. lol

Glad they have a nice selection growing!