What's happening with my plant? Anyone know?

  • Strain; Trainwreck Feminized seed, Bag seed, or NA
  • Soil in pots, Hydroponic, or Coco? Soil in pots
  • System type? Grow tent
  • PH of runoff or solution in reservoir? N/A
  • What is strength of nutrient mix? EC, or TDS N/A
  • Indoor or Outdoor? INDOOR
  • Light system, size? 1200 WATT PHILIZON LED
  • Temps; Day, Night 78 DAY, 69 NIGHT
  • Ventilation system; Yes, No, Size? YES 400 HP
  • Co2; Yes, No? NO

Started off pretty good then began to stretch and began to grow very slowly original fan leave browned so I cut them off and the plant hasn’t grown them back just serrated leaves. Transplanted two days ago to two gallon plastic pot from Dixie cups roots were thin and did seem to really be growing well used peroxide and water and an enzyme to help roots. Tent stays around 78 degrees Fahrenheit and 60 to 65 humidity recently started using ziplocs to give more direct humidity and new plants seem to have benefited but this plant is still growing weird.Can post more pictures if needed please help. Strain is trainwreck been growing this plant since the 23 Nov.

Started new plants

seem to be doin fine for now but don’t want any other problems been growing this plant since Sunday December 9th.

You cut off its cotyledons? They will never grow back. Have you fed since cutting them off?

Honestly, your seedling looks fine, just stunted; those first leaves you cut off are actually meant to provide your seedling with nutrients for at least a week or so after germination. Besides its size for its age, its color is healthy. Since it’s a photoperiod plant, I’d keep her; she’ll take off eventually.

Also, how much/often are you watering? No pH readings? What brand is your soil?

What enzyme did you use? Also, you put peroxide into the root zone? How much? Why? You can suffocate your plants with too much oxygen, plus peroxide kills soil microbes. It can be applied to your root zone, in miniscule amounts, for very specific reasons.


Listen sweetie, she knows her stuff!!


Don’t forget they stall here and there to build and grow their roots


Thank you for replying! Yes I started feeding two days ago when I moved it to the 2 gal pot, and I was told if the leaves are dying cut them off cause the plant is wasting energy trying to fix it guess I was told wrong. But it was past a two weeks when I cut them off, no pH readings yet but I’m about to grab pH up and down and a reader today, along with more soil and a gallon water sprayer.

When I mixed the feed I used 1/4 teaspoon of each product into a 32 oz spray bottle with water and was just trying to keep soil from drying completely out but today dumped the rest of the 24 oz into the soil this morning as the pot was light and dry I of course did not get any run off (which is why I’m getting the gallon sprayer). The peroxide I used because the roots weren’t doing good couldn’t tell the color but they were super thin and not growing good at all. Figured it was root rot and tried to combat it saw it on YouTube. Used two cap fulls of peroxide and filled 28 oz sprayer with water, and used that instead of plain water to keep it moist.
This is my first grow and I know the way I’ve been doin things is pretty weird and wrong but not giving up.

@Lucc89 way too early to feed. The fox Farms Ocean Forest is very nutrient rich soil and won’t need to be fed until around the 6-8 week mark. (Sometimes less sometimes more)
Yes they stall to make more roots.
Water AWAY from the main stem to encourage root growth to seek out water. About 2-3” in diameter around the stem.


So what should I do flush the nutrients out with plain water?

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Too early for a flush, @Lucc89 you’ll drown the poor girl. Just from here out plain adjusted PH’ed water to 6.2-6.5 you’ll be just fine.
Side note, when it does come time for feeding, always add the nutrients to the water, and ADJUST PH LAST. Never mix more than you need and let it sit. If you do, check ph.
Always check ph.


Just keep watering with plain water, making sure to let the soil dry all the way out in between waterings.

The leaves you cut off work source of food, however there should be enough food and then soil for that plant to be okay. You probably won’t need to feed for several weeks


Yes and do this to


Thanks @TDubWilly! :wink:

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If at all possible let those rounded leaves fall off naturally


Thank you Ladies and Gentlemen for all you help and input I will definitely be asking you guys for more tips and help in the near future. I will definitely stop rushing and fix things. Anything else you all can think off I’m listening to everything!


I would suggest never listening to what the person told you about trimming leaves again.


You plant will be fine. At this point, it’s all about keeping it simple until it gets into the veg state


Lol bet I wont, and thanks I will definitely keep it it simple glad to hear that it’s doin ok and I haven’t messed it up TOO bad.

@Lucc89 your light will work for one plant, but I wouldn’t start another. You won’t have adequate coverage for flowering.

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Thanks , yeah I kinda figured that I was planning on buying another soon. But my friend is doin two plants under a r300 viparspectra and they are looking really nice.

@Lucc89 You should check on the diy light thread on the forum. You’ll get better light for you dollar doing it yourself. Or you could order a higher quality more efficient light. Horticulture lighting group has excellent lighting products.

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Also, not sure what your budget looks like, but rapid led has some lighting for the really serious. Excellent customer service also. @Lucc89

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