What's happend white widow

Absolute novice growing outside in Cyprus white widow ,started well grew 170 mm in four weeks then stopped now 8 weeks old any ideas thanks

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Is it a auto or photo ??
If auto they will flower when they are ready and basically do what they want
If photo they will start flowering when day light hours start to reduce in the fall
If you have photos did you start late in the season ?

To much food? to high temperatures?Stress? wrong pH?
she looks good for me. Just check your ppm and pH. What obout the trichomes? clear?milky?..
I think 1-2 weeks and your ready to harvest. i saw buds growing, extremly fast, over the night so don’t give up.

Yes it is a auto started late seed was planted 1st July there’s been no height growth since end of July ? This is the first one I will try in new year with the others thanks for your help.

Yes to high temperatures in cyprus ph should be there about don’t know about ppm? Never grown or smoked trying to make cbd oil for the wife so you a couple of weeks and they should be good to go .thanks for responding.

just check your trichomes every day.(buds, not leaves).
If you see trichomes turning amber, you’re good…

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Ok thanks for thatđź‘Ť

oh i forgot…avoid higher temperatures

Difficult to avoid the heat in cyprus but thanks .

Often recommended that auto’s be grown in at least 3 gallon containers.(12 liter)
I would suggest your plant is root bound and has gone as far as it can.
It is very essential to have control of the plants world. Meaning: soil, food and light.
It is critical to have a set of meters to measure and control: PH and PPM. $20 online for a set.
Unfertilized growing media is best. The plants food has to be controlled and changed as the plant goes from veg to flowering. The more sun you can give a growing plant, the better.
There are several strains with high CBD content…check the listings here.
Good luck

Thanks for your help .

Your auto grew as far as it could and then flowered. Take care of her and enjoy the harvest.

Next time try using a larger pot. I believe 3 gallon is the recommended size.

Thanks for info.