What's going on with these plants?

These aren’t my plant so i don’t have too much info. They are chemdog, feminized. Planted in February. My theory is seeing we’re starting to get longer days that it’s trying to reveg? They’re a full outdoor grow. I’ll update if I get any new info on these plants. Thanks!

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Looks like fox tailing

Yeah, I’m guessing reveg

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I’ve never had to deal with either those, what would you guys suggest to do with these plants? Just let them do their thing? They look like they’re too far along to me to try to get them back to a full vegitive state

Are they in the ground or containers?
Def look like they’re revegging.

I’ve used a big plastic garbage can over outdoor plants to deprive them of light. It’s a pita, (and mine weren’t in reveg ,I just wanted them to flower early) but it works.


I’d cut the buds off them and let it revegg

I agree, looks like revegged.

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