What's going on with the growth of my plant?

I think its starting to grow a little funny

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@Tayler52. All I can see from this pic is new growth.
The stagger of the branching is a normal thing for plants starting to show their sexual maturity.
Auto ?
Maybe a pic in natural light too. :+1::v:

How old is that plant and is it from seed or clone?
I’m wondering what’s wrong with my plant. It doesn’t seem to be growing vertically. It’s stacking on top of itself.

both of these look like they are doing fine… just give them some time to do their thing… diff strains grow at different rates and some are taller than others naturally because of their genetics… just let them ride for a while and transplant as needed…

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My plant is over 1 month old

I think it’s a hermaphrodite but not entirely sure yet

what kind of lights are they under ? what are they in, ( soil, coco, ect…), what is the light schedule ?

Soil and LED lights 24 hrs

And my plant also has strong odor already its pretty skunky in my opinion, strain is ghost OG grown from bag seed. Dispensary weed i might add.

do you have room to throw a secondary light such as a blue 5600k cfl ? i always use multiple light sources in my spaces, LED, CFL, HID, ect… what are the temps and humidity like for it ? do you know the watts of the LED? is it a blurple type ?

you could also try some LST on it… they normally take off when using LST …

Its just growing in my room so all those factors are unknown, I’m using a 45 watt lamp right now i know thats wreak but it’s all i have for now and seems to be doing its job and yes the light appears blurple it has blue red white and uv lights

I was gonna LST or top it but i thought it was too soon.

more light will def be needed to get things really going but you can def LST it now no problem…

That seedling is 4 times bigger than my larger plant was at that stage, i didn’t have my light until later.

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Any thoughts?

Light!!! :bulb: the light you are using is insufficient imo. They are stretching to get closer to it as to get adequate a stronger dose of it. U said it was only 45w so that thing should be 4-6 inches away from it