What's going on with one of my plants?

My question is to better understand what happened, or what is going on with one of two plants. I grew two plants together with all the same conditions.
One recently flowered and the plant in question appears to have by-passed flowering?
Should I keep the plant and see what it does? The attached picture do not show the height, but the plant is currently about 3 foot tall. The plant I grew with it, (sister plant) only grew to about 2 feet. The attached picture shows two of the three stem tops of the plant in question. The leaves seem off?

Thank you and I listed as much info as I could below. Regards to all!!!

-What strain: White Widow (auto-flower)
-Age of plant: Germinated end of March – 6 days later potted in soil (indoors) – 2 weeks later transplanted to larger pot (indoors) – 8 weeks later same pot moved outdoors
-Method: Soil ; Mixture of our own compost soil (used in our veggie garden) and store-bought potting soil (50/50)
-Vessels: Potted the whole time

-Water ; has always been tap water (Chemicals unknown)
-Fertilizers: ILGM suggested substitute for their own Bergman’s Plant Food.

Fox Farm Big Bloom (0-0.5-0.7) & Big Grow (6-4-4), until it started flowering, then Bud’s & Blooms (2-8-4). As directed on containers.
-Indoor or Outdoor: Grown indoors up to the 8th week

-Light system: LED,45W UV IR (red / blue), while indoors, Outdoors, the Sun (of course)
-Light Schedule; 12 & 12 indoors / 6:30 – 7:30 outdoors sunrise / sunset
-Temps / Humidity; 70 degrees and 40% humidity indoors / 90 degrees and 80% humidity outdoors, (average in Texas)
-Ventilation system; None in doors and the wind outdoors

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Well, since this year is my first outdoor grow, I’m very interested to see what advice you get that I can carry along with me in my grow. Strange looking leaves though. Good luck. :+1:t4:


No two seeds produce exactly the same plant. Many of us describe it like no two kids will look the same even though the parents are the same.
Cannabis is like this. Plants display various traits and can grow at differing rates.
Autoflowers even more so.
Your plants look healthy and well cared for. Dont pull it. It will flower when its ready.
Watch for bugs/critters. I do see a little pest damage.


Agree with the pest damage. I would just keep an eye on it and make sure it isn’t a male. Female parts will show quicker than male parts.

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