What's going on with my seedling?

Ya that sucks when that happens my first day I ran out of reply

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Just to add to this. My setup is kinda ghetto, i built it myself using 2x2’s, yea some construction, and you can see its a small little area of my room on top of my dresser :rofl:

Strain: Random seed from bag- Kush something
Method: Soiless medium- Promix HP Mycorrhizae
Vessels: 4’’ standard pot
PH of solution: 6.5/ Runoff: N/A until next testing
Lights: small 14-16w full spectrum grow light, 75w equivalent
Temps: Day/Night: 20-30 degrees C below 30 most of the time
Humidity: 38-56% usually in the 20s and 40s most of the time
Ventilation: Yes, one small 6’’ fan optimus - dont know is he’s a prime or not :smile:
AC/Humidifier/De-humidifier: No
Co2: No

She grew those new set of leaves a little bigger since last time :slight_smile: , at least something’s going… Gonna get FoxFarm potting soil with Perlite to add for when i transplant and i was wondering should i use any Composted Shrimp Cocktail with this soil mix, im not sure cuz i know FoxFarm already has lots of compost and ingredients already in it??


Great set up man! Not sure on the soil question if just potting up I would say no. But if going to a permanent pot perhaps adding a base under the FF would be good so when it’s in flower it has that to feed off of. That’s just my noob opinion.


Ohh kool, what kinda base would you use? N im just potting up to a 6’’ pot or should i go to a large permanet?

Well with the height restriction I would definitely look into LST because the plant will want to get tall! Not sure what a 6” size in gallons is but they say the normal is to be in at least 5 gallons for the root growth. So if it was me I would create a short 5 gallon container via tote/laundry basket whatever but keep it short and wide so that you have plenty of room for roots but don’t impede to much on your height restrictions.

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As far as the base @garrigan62 is the man but you would want something fairly hot so the organic nutes it provides will keep the plant fed for a long time.

N/p on the height because im gonna renovate the little tent and make it taller and remove the dresser so there will be enough room for it. But for the pot your saying go big or go home, then into a 20 litre permanent pot i guess on my next transplant? I see a lot of ppl doing that only using two pots 1 starter for the seedling and the next into a permanent one :thinking:

This is my moisture lvl of the soil and the last time i watered was June 18th 12:20 am, its been about a day and so. But when i feel the soil with my finger about 1 inch deep its still a bit moist to touch, still kinda dry considering i only watered about a day ago almost two - drinking and growing still just the leaves i donno whats going on with em they seem kinda cupping down and appear glossy! Shajt

You are correct, many folks do this. I did it too…for me, I found that going from solo cups to something in the 1 - 3 gallon range, and then to final home (10 gallons for me) works super well. I transplant twice, others more like three times and some just start them in the final pot.
I have gotten more consistent growth throughout the process with two transplants.
I think that is has to do with keeping the soil moisture at the correct level. Too large-too soon can result in over or under watering.


Yea i see what your saying @merlin44, your right about over or under watering with a larger pot i totally get that and that is why i wanted to do at least 1 transplant in her life so i can control that. I think im gonna go with something close to what your doing :face_with_monocle:

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I like going to 1-gallon from solo and then to 10-gallon from there.
The 1-gallon are easier for me to handle with less chance of mishap.
The 2/3 gallons are easy enough but the plants get much larger and that makes them more difficult to manage during transplant.

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Mine is in a 4’’ which is about half litre - half of a 1/4 gallon, im thinking of potting up to a 6’’ / 3 litres / 3/4 gallon, hmm maybe i need a bigger one tho but i don’t want it to be too big? I’ll see about that! Thanx for joining the convo bro!

Big up all the boys:
“Cali P- Sweet Greens … right now me come and sing fo di cannabis, me Bigg Up the the Man dem a plant and take care of it!!!” :+1: :v:

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That’s a nice meter, where did you get it ?

And i’em watching, any questions just ask away,

B safe

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Really? I got it at Canadian Tire by my place here in Toronto. Yeah i got a question bro: do you think i should let the soil dry out some more before i water it nicely with a nice runoff so i can test the pH of it?

Thanx G
you too

Guys im so excited today cuz im going downtown to pick up some FoxFarm Potting soil and Perlite for when i transplant which i found at a great price $19.95 for a 10L bag, sickk!


What I do is let my plants tell me. when i go into my grow room if any of the plants look a little dropie I’ll water them works great. No over watering and no under watering all the girls are happy


Do you let 20% runoff or you just let a little come out or you spray for seedlings i mean?

Seedlings I give a little around the plant and then spray as for the big ladiess I just pour the water (RAIN ) like a half gal. I don’t water till run off.
I make my own soil and I don’t PPM, P H or feed. Here is a pic of my BlueBerry using the same soil over again


she grew to over 5 feet

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Ohh you got a different style going on, you dont feed really? Im loving your plant and its growth, awesome bro!! :+1:

Look here same grow using same soil I made using 15 and 30 gal pots

This pic is when they first started out

and this is what happened lol