What's going on with my girls?

So this is our third grow. We’ve got three Strawberry Pie and one Grapefruit from FastBuds, two of which have been up now for nearly four weeks (two more Pies popped later).

We initially had some burning of leaves after putting our new HLG 260 rspec up, and I thought that the girls had recovered okay (after losing one completely). Then we started seeing something on the leaves that came out after the lighting error.

Question #1 What’s the diagnosis? It looks like cal mag deficiency from what I’ve been able to learn. I’ve been adding 1/4 strength Fox Farms Cal-Mag for the last three waterings and I’ve not seen any new problems on the newer leaves. They’re in Happy Frog, btw. Do we continue adding the Cal-Mag? For the forseeable future?

Also, I know that autos can be a little more delicate than photos. Since our tent is only 2x3, we don’t have room for the four 5-gallon bags of autos along with the two photos (ILGM’s Gorilla Glue & Girl Scout Cookies Extreme, seen in back being quite robust with no signs of problems). So the idea is to let the autos veg outside while the weather is perfect (low 80’s) and bring them in early evening for more light just outside the tent, but inside the tent flap just out of frame above.

Has anyone else done this kind of mixed light back and forth with autos? Will this shuttling in and out of the house every day stress them out and make them less productive? Or do they need just one consistent home?

Thanks to all who respond!

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How often have you been watering and has it gotten worse since you started with the calmag?

I think for your light question the only issue you’ll face with having them outside is pests. I’ve seen this question asked before and that was the only thing brought up if I remember correctly.

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Been watering every third day - about twice a week - which has worked well for me in the past. One feeding with FF Big Bloom and Grow Big once a week (1/4 strength), Cal-Mag (1/4 strength) last three waterings including feedings.

There was a point where the calmag feeding was overlapping a bit with the leaf spots, so I’m not sure about the cause & effect here.

If it hasn’t gotten worse I would keep it up.

Moving some plants indoors and outdoors risks contaminating all your plants with pests.

There is more then 14 hours of daylight now, just leave them outdoors.

2 weeks it takes about 2 weeks for plants to reflect changes in soil (slightly faster with hydroponic nutes)so itll get slightly worse before it gets better also cut back on the bloom nutes phosphorous excess can look like cal mag deficiency otherwise I think you’re on the right track

Thanks, folks. I’ll just leave them outside in their bags and see how it works out.

By the way, @GreenSnek, I’m using FF Big Bloom, which sounds like it’s a bloom nute, but is recommended by them for all stages (Tiger Bloom is their dedicated bloom nute). Why they would call something Big Bloom and recommend it for seedlings is weird. Did not know about the two-week lag period, but I’m glad you told me.


Definitely calmag imo also if you are in happy frog it already has nutes in the soil that are good for up to 3-5 weeks and with the size of youre pots I high doubt they have gone through all the nutes in soil the burning look on the leafs look like nutrient burn id quit with the 3 part nutes and continue with the calmag every time you water

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Also Fox Farms nutrients line are strong so you never want to start put at full strength either start at quarter strength and work youre way up over a couple weeks over all the plants will tell you when there hungry just learn there language lol

Just watch the plants as u take them back and forth as u can get transfer disease. Also u might wanna watch as u can bring in unwanted pests to the other plants that are not wanted bring plants in and oit like so. Be cautious if u do this. Might be better and cheaper if u get a smaller tent next to the one u have now to omit all the problems that can happen.

If it’s possible leave’em outside, looks like ur kind of rushing things a bit. If I had to diagnose, it looks like nute burn. There ain’t no cupping r deformed leaves r there? Just the discoloration on the leaf edges? Taking them n and out created some stress, n could bring n some unwanted hitch hikers. Plus what’s ur PH levels coming n at? Reach out to the peps here on the forum, they b more than happy to help u out. :alien: