Whats going on with bergmans lab?


Can anyone tell me why now that ilgm has updated their site I can no longer get back into bergmans lab (that I paid for) I have emailed bergmans lab support and asked but they just wont respond.


They don’t work long on Friday and no weekends. Not sure about the paid help part.


@aussiegrow I think something was posted not long after the new site went live regarding passwords and that the site passwords and forum passwords were different. Maybe the lab was effected too. I tried to search for the post but can’t find it. My memory is terrible but I think it may have been @Dumme that posted it. Maybe he will pop over with the tag.


Sorry you’re havin problems with the Lab. I’ll definitely forward this post, and let the staff know about the issue.


I’m sorry for not noticing this thread earlier. I just send you a email with new login details so you can get in to your account again.

(I’ve checked but we haven’t received any emails from you regarding Bergmans Lab)